UPDATE: GoFundMe Raises Money for Legal Fees of Professor Who Already Quit, Blames White Supremacy

The saga of a California college professor who went viral for antagonizing a pro-cop student carries on.

UPDATE: GoFundMe Raises Money for Legal Fees of Professor Who Already Quit, Blames White Supremacy

The saga of a California college professor who went viral for antagonizing a pro-cop student carries on.

The saga of a California college professor who went viral for antagonizing a pro-cop student carries on. Someone named Maha Afra organized a GoFundMe for raise money for the legal defense of the professor, who we now only know as “Professor Faryha.”

The GoFundMe page includes a two-minute video under the premise that “Academic Freedom is under attack by White Supremacy.” As per usual, the cancel culture lovers are thrilled to be able to use the racist terms because the student who calls cops “heroes” happens to be white, whereas the teacher is “a Muslim Middle Easter woman” says the description underneath the GoFundMe video. How convenient.

The fundraiser page goes on to explain that “ultra-conservative media” portrayed professor Faryha as a “police hating indoctrinating professor” and claims “the student presented his opinion of police officers without acknowledgment of the context and the array of perspectives that it evokes – 2021, amidst the largest mobilization in US History against police brutality, specifically for its toll on Black lives. Then he decided to ‘cancel’ the professor for challenging his incomplete narrative.”

Isn’t that rich; the very creators of cancel culture suddenly really hate it and have a moral objection to it when one of their own is affected. The best part is, they are proving the young student’s very point. The video notes Braden Ellis gave his communications presentation on the premise that “Cancel culture is destroying this country” during an entire two-minute video asking for money so that a professor is not “canceled.”

The video laments how Cypress College placed the professor on a leave of absence, i.e., the unfair “cancel” treatment. However, the video makes the idiotic mistake of posting the statement from Cypress College which clearly states, “the adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College” because “any efforts to suppress free and respectful expression on our campus will not be tolerated.”

Yet, GoFundMe blames Ellis for “canceling” the professor; an action he simply does not have the authority to make. It was the school that put her on leave due to her own behavior.

Oh, and the statement by the college added “this was her first course at Cypress and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall.” Yet we are supposed to pay for her legal funds to leave a job she had already quit?

College Event says “Terrorism” is what “Trumpism” is at its Core

An event hosted by Berea College in Kentucky called “White Citizenship as Terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again” argues that supporting President Trump is “terrorism” at its core.

The event, which is co-sponsored by the college’s Women’s and Gender Non-Conforming Center and the Law, Ethics and Society Group, takes place on March 17.

According to the Federalist, a flyer of the event states: 

Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ appears to follow suit by offering a seemingly benign promise to return to America to a previously ‘great’ past. But the offer to ‘Make America Great Again, Again’ requires we refocus on how the last four years of daily tweets and administrative actions redefine whiteness. If terrorism is redefined as the use of violence and threats to create a state of fear toward particular communities and identities, then this is what ‘Trumpism’ is at its core.

The keynote address at the event will be given by Amy L. Brandzel, an assistant professor of women studies at the University of New Mexico, and the author of  “Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative.”

In her book, Brandzel says citizenship is a “violent dehumanizing mechanism” and that, “citizenship requires anti-intersectionality, that is, strategies that deny the mutuality and contingency of race, class, gender, sexuality and nation…”

For the full report, click HERE.

Columbia University Hosts 6 Different Commencements Segregated By Race, Sexuality, Income Level

Columbia University will offer six different graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexuality and income level.

The University is describing them as “Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies.” In the last week of April, graduating students will be offered virtual ceremonies in six categories – Native American, “LGBTQIA+,” Asian, “Latinx,” black, and “First-generation and/or low income.”

The College Fix reports:

They cover graduates of Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, General Studies and Barnard College, its sibling women’s college. Students must register by March 21 to get their “multicultural graduation gift,” such as stoles, tassels and pins, and by March 31 to be listed as participants.

The virtual segregated ceremonies do not replace ceremonies for the whole Ivy League university and its individual schools, but rather provide “a more intimate setting for students and guests to gather, incorporate meaningful cultural traditions and celebrate the specific contributions and achievements of their communities,” the page says.

It’s not clear when Columbia first disclosed the segregated ceremonies. The earliest cached version of the page is from Friday night.

It was flagged the next day by Mercy Muroki, senior researcher at The Centre for Social Justice and graduate student in social policy at the University of Oxford.

Muroki who was clearly disappointed tweeted “Racially and sexually segregated graduation ceremonies. One of the ‘best’ universities in the world. If you want to know what going backwards looks like, this is it.”




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