Undercounts, Overcounts During 2020 Census Seen As Helping Dems, Hurting Republicans

Undercounts, Overcounts During 2020 Census Seen As Helping Dems, Hurting Republicans

The Biden administration has another new scandal on its hands that will no doubt be ignored by the protective Washington media, even though it has major implications for the future of our constitutional republic.

“Fresh research reveals that the U.S. Census Bureau in 2020 overcounted the populations in Democrat states and undercounted in Republican states, resulting in wins for the Democrat Party in congressional reapportionment and an unmerited boost in the Electoral College for the 2024 presidential election,” Breitbart News reported Friday.

The news comes less than two months before the crucial 2022 midterms which traditionally go badly for the party in the White House — in this case, Democrats. The news also comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is set to take up major election cases, though Republicans are already crying foul and demanding answers.

While Democrats routinely criticize the Electoral College process of electing presidents, per the Constitution, it appears as those factions loyal to the party have been working behind the scenes to manipulate the outcome after having lost two elections to GOP nominees in the past 20 years after winning the popular vote.

Breitbart News notes further:

An official survey shows that census workers undercounted people in Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The same survey shows workers overcounted people in Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Every single undercounted state is a reliable Republican state in presidential elections, including Florida, which is the home state of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. By contrast, all of the overcounted states except two – Ohio and Utah – have reliably voted for Democrats in recent elections.

The result of the shenanigans: Florida loses out on two U.S. House seats it should have gained while Texas loses one, impacting the number of Electoral College votes the two largest red states will have.

“If a politician from Florida decides to run for president in 2024, his (or her) home state will be short two votes in the Electoral College,” wrote Heritage Foundation elections expert Hans von Spakovsky. “[A]nd when the new session of the U.S. House of Representatives convenes in January 2023, Florida will be missing two congressional seats to which it is entitled.”

He went on to point out that the 5+-percent overcount in Rhode Island let that reliably blue state keep a House seat it is not entitled to under the Constitution, as did the 3.84-percent overcount in Minnesota.

“No one has explained these explosions in the failure rate for 2020, or why they benefit the Democrat Party,” Breitbart News reported, adding: “At the same time, major election fights are brewing in court, including two upcoming cases in the Supreme Court.”

One case involves a challenge to Alabama’s congressional district lines, which opponents say violate provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The second case asks the high court to define the meaning of the Constitution’s Elections Clause, which says that in each state, the “Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives … [is to be] prescribed … by the Legislature thereof.” Challengers insist that the passage means state legislatures are the highest authority when it comes to the passage of election rules and statutes (as has been the case since the founding of the country), while opponents argue the passage only means that while the legislature can pass laws, they can be challenged and ultimately decided by state supreme courts.

Either way, Republicans smell another Democrat rat.

“It’s curious how errors by career federal bureaucrats help the Left win elections, regardless of which political party controls the White House,” Ambassador Ken Blackwell, former co-chairman of the Census Monitoring Board and current chairman of the Center for Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), said, according to Breitbart News.

“Just as this country needs new laws at the state level that make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat, new statutory safeguards must be implemented at the federal level to regain public confidence in how the census is conducted,” he added.


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