UC Davis CANCELS TPUSA event after Antifa lunatics attack female student

UC Davis CANCELS TPUSA event after Antifa lunatics attack female student

On Tuesday, a woman student was attacked, maced and had her phone smashed by far-left protesters  outside a student-organized Turning Point USA event at the UC Davis.

Video captured outside the venue shows a young woman in visible distress after getting pepper sprayed.

In footage, protesters can be heard yelling “f*ck all fascists.” According to Fox News, the event featuring Turning Point USA contributor and podcaster Stephen Davis was canceled over “student safety concerns.”

Turning Point USA released a statement:

“Once again, outside ‘protestors’ with zero connection to our organization or students used violence to disrupt our campus free speech event.

“Reports from our field team indicate that the conflict began when Antifa showed up and provoked attendees entering the venue. As an official school affiliated club, TPUSA regularly hosts outside speakers, working in advance with administrators and campus police to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

“Sadly, on this occasion, the bad guys won and rather than risk any further escalation of violence, our chapter leadership decided to cancel the event when it became apparent campus PD was unable to disperse the violent agitators outside while also keeping our students safe inside. This is a great loss for free speech, our speaker Stephen Davis, and for the students at UC Davis. TPUSA condemns all violence and refuses to be cowed by those who use threats and intimidation to stop conservatives on campus.”

UC Davis failed to involve the police despite the violence.

A statement from UC Davis read (in part):

“UC Davis police were not deployed. No UC Davis staff used pepper spray. UC Davis Student Affairs staff and civilian security were inside and outside the event.

“The students who organized the event agreed to cancel the remarks out of concern for safety. Staff from Student Affairs on-site agreed that there was grave danger should the event continue.”

“It is unfortunate that the event could not proceed as planned. As a public institution, UC Davis values and supports freedom of expression as rights guaranteed to every citizen. When the students agreed to cancel the event, UC Davis Student Affairs staff successfully evacuated the students and speaker from the building.

“We worked with the students to create a secure environment, including a safety plan, where freedom of speech could be exercised, including for those wishing to protest the speaker.”


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