U.S.-Canada Border Sees Rise In Illegal Crossings Of More Than 700 Percent Under Biden

U.S.-Canada Border Sees Rise In Illegal Crossings Of More Than 700 Percent Under Biden

The U.S. border with Mexico has been an absolute chaotic mess under Joe Biden, who, immediately upon taking office, reversed nearly all of former President Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies.

And while the U.S.-Mexico border remains a porous nightmare, new reports note that illegal crossings into the United States from Canada have also increased dramatically.

“Border Patrol working in the north of the US have reported a 743 percent rise in migrant encounters compared to the same period a year ago,” the Daily Mail reported on Sunday, adding:

Robert Garcia, the chief patrol agent for the Swanton Sector – which covers Vermont, New York and New Hampshire – said he was troubled by the increasing popularity of the people-smuggling route. He warned traffickers are exploiting desperate asylum seekers with potentially lethal consequences, amid freezing temperatures and dangerous passages.

In the Grand Forks sector, which spans North Dakota and Minnesota, the Border Patrol has reported some 90 apprehensions since Oct. 1, which is more than for the entire 2022 Fiscal Year, when 80 people were detained between Sept. 20, 2021 and Oct. 1. 2022.

It’s a far cry from the southwestern border, which is at a crisis point regarding human and drug smuggling. But the increases along the northern border in and of themselves are substantial.

But as there are dangers along the Mexico border, it’s no cakewalk along the Canadian border, especially this time of year when bitter cold temperatures are the norm.

“At the beginning of January, a Haitian man, Fritznel Richard, died just north of the Swanton Sector, having frozen to death while trying to reach his wife in the US,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Swanton Sector’s greatest concern in carrying out our mission of border security is the preservation of life – the lives of community residents we are sworn to protect, the lives of our Border Patrol Agents carrying out the mission day-in and day-out in the field, and the lives of the individuals, families, and children we are charged with apprehending as they attempt to circumvent legal processes for entry,” said Garcia.

“Unfortunately, the transnational criminal organizations that stand to profit from the increased flow of human traffic care only about profits and have no concern for the welfare of those whose plight they seek to exploit for financial gain,” he added.

Border Patrol officials said that the number of people caught illegally sneaking into the U.S. from Canada during the current fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, was already higher than the 12 months of the previous fiscal year. In December alone, 441 people were caught in the sector.

The latest figures “represent a sustained increase in illegal border crossings as we head into the harshest winter months,” the Border Patrol noted.


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