Twitter User Artfully Explains to Anti-Trumper Joe Walsh Why Vast Majority Of Americans 'Don't Care' About Partisan Jan. 6 Hearings

Twitter User Artfully Explains to Anti-Trumper Joe Walsh Why Vast Majority Of Americans 'Don't Care' About Partisan Jan. 6 Hearings

Former legitimate Republican and Tea Party delight Joe Walsh, an Illinois RINO who served a single two-year term in Congress and failed miserably to challenge then-President Donald Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination, continued his pathetic fall from the party’s grace over the weekend with a diatribe whine about why most Americans aren’t interested in the highly partisan Jan. 6 Committee hearings.

The ‘prime-time’ proceedings over the past several weeks have drawn ho-hum ratings and in fact continued to fall with each passing ‘episode,’ which Walsh has found perplexing for some reason.

“Twitter world’s enthusiasm for these Jan 6th hearings must always be tempered by this: I engage with hundreds of GOP voters every day. Like @KurtSchlichter here, they don’t care. They’re not watching, and they really don’t care. I hear it every day,” Walsh tweeted, complaining about a tweet by conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter who literally wrote, “I don’t care.”

Walsh’s complaint was answered by Twitter user Dr. Strangetweet, who posted a poignant thread explaining precisely why most Americans aren’t interested (besides the fact that they are struggling mightily under Joe Biden’s inflation-riddled economy).

“To understand why many of us don’t care, we have to climb into the wayback machine, to the year 2016 when a FISA warrant was issued based on lies to the court. And no one was held accountable,” the thread began.

“We have to look at the Steele Dossier, also from 2016, that led to congressional hearings and constant promises of ‘evidence’, only to be found to be, once again, built on lies,” the threat continued, adding: “And no one was held accountable.”

“We had years of hearings that were promised to be bombshell, but the only thing we learned is that the media, Democrats, and anti-Trump Republicans will set aside the need for actual evidence and believe whatever simply because Trump,” the thread noted further.

“Did you ever call for prosecution of the liars in the FISA warrant case? No? Then sit down. And make space for Kinzinger and Cheney too, because they can take all the seats,” Dr. Strangetweet wrote.

“We saw in real time the media lie, then have to correct, stupid stories, like ‘Trump fed fish wrong,'” the thread continued, likely in reference to a trip Trump took to Japan in the fall of 2017. “Why would you lie about something soooo stupid?”

“We watched as he was criticized for calling MS13 members ‘animals’ because ‘they’re humans deserving of respect’, even though pretty much everyone had called them ‘animals’ before then. Oh, and then those people who got mad at ‘animals’ spent years calling people ‘Nazis,'” the thread noted. “We watched as Trump called out the ‘coyotes’ smuggling people in, and everyone laughed and pretended like no one had ever called them ‘coyotes’ before. And no apology was ever issued to him for lying about it.

“We watched as the Left and anti-Trump people cheered when government officials and workers declared they would resist Trump’s orders, that he wasn’t their president. There were cheers when a general admitted he disobeyed a direct order to move troops. And no one was punished,” the thread went on, adding:

We watched as the media and Democrats declared over and over again that the 2016 election was stolen, that Trump was an illegitimate president.

And then (jumping forward to 2020) we saw that questioning the election meant you were a Russian and traitor and “how dare you”. We watched as, time and again, the media would “make a mistake” a few days after some explosive story, but those mistakes only went one direction. We watched as Kavanaugh was put through the ringer with such a lack of evidence that it wouldn’t have ever made it to court.

“But it’s not court, it’s a hearing!” was the excuse used as to why lies were acceptable.

But coming from the party of Harry Reid, it was expected. We watched as Democrats encouraged protestors to get in Republicans’ faces, enflamed the violence, and were never held accountable for their fomenting the 2020 riots. We watched as the now VP pushed a bail fund for protestors of the 2020 riots.

And then (forward to 2022), if anyone questions the conditions of the J6 detainees, they are anti-American and traitors. We watched as the 2020 riots were declared to be “mostly peaceful” even as buildings burned in the background.

We watched as David Dorn was killed, and the Democrats didn’t call for peace. We watched as a Trump supporter was shot dead, and Democrats didn’t call for peace. We watched as federal buildings were targeted, and it wasn’t called an insurrection. We watched as 50 secret service agents were injured outside the White House as Dems mocked Trump for taking shelter, and it wasn’t called an insurrection. We watched as part of an American city was taken over as an autonomous zone and no one on the Left or any anti-Trump Republicans said “enough.”

We watched as mayors and governors told Trump to not send in federal troops to protect their citizens even as those mayors and governors didn’t protect their citizens. We watched as a kidnapping plot unfolded, only to be revealed as an FBI setup that no one was held accountable for. We watched as Democrat mayors and governors and elected representatives went about their business during COVID while the citizens suffered.

I can go on and on and on.

There are hundreds of things that you and your anti-Trump Republicans could have said and done to bring peace and calm and retain the norms.

But you didn’t. You sold out everything because of Trump.

But now, we’re the bad guys? No.

January 6 didn’t happen in a vacuum. The groundwork was laid by every lie, by every norm ignored in order to “take down Trump.” You had so many opportunities up to this point to do the right thing, to stand up for the right thing, even if it meant defending Trump by proxy.

But you didn’t. The desire to destroy Trump was greater than your desire for truth and your love for America. So no, many of us do not care.

And why should we?

The assault on democracy wasn’t J6. It was every lie, every “resist”, every back page retraction. So when you or Kinzinger or Cheney or Kristol or French talk about J6 and the horrors, you should understand:

You all built this. This is the culmination of your life’s work from 2016-2022. Congratulations. Take a bow.


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