Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Admin for 'Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse'

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Biden Admin for 'Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse'

Former Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is once again taking verbal aim at Joe Biden and his administration, this time for recommendations officials are making regarding puberty blockers for children.

In early July, the Food and Drug Administration warned about the use of puberty blockers known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) substances, saying they could cause brain swelling, an associated loss of vision, and serious risks for kids who inject the hormone.

That warning was followed by a statement from Dr. Rachel Levine, the transgender, biologically male, U.S. assistant secretary for health endorsing children getting “gender-affirmation” treatment, claiming that it was “life-saving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers.” Levine added: “As a pediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirms someone’s true identity can be.”

Levine’s statement is what led to scathing criticism from Gabbard.

“The FDA made a disturbing, but not at all surprising announcement just a few days ago about children’s health,” she declared. “Now, if you haven’t heard about it, or, if you missed it, it is because the mainstream media and the Biden-Harris administration have been completely silent on it, and this warning that the FDA issued was basically saying that puberty blockers can cause serious health risks for our kids.

“Unfortunately, at almost the exact same time the FDA issued this warning, Biden-Harris administration officials were making public statements actively promoting the use of puberty blockers and irreversible surgeries for kids,” she continued in a video posted to Twitter.

“Now, let’s be clear: this administration is dangerously promoting child abuse,” she accused.


The Daily Wire added:

The Biden administration’s Health and Human Services department states that “gender-affirming care” can include “gender-affirming surgeries” which can entail “‘top’ surgery — to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts” or “‘bottom’ surgery — surgery on genitals or reproductive organs.”

“We really want to debase our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth, not to limit their participation in sports and even limit their ability to get gender-affirmation treatment in their state,” Levine claimed on MSNBC recently.

Gabbard is not the only one pushing back on the Biden administration insanity regarding puberty blockers for kids.

A new report from the Heritage Foundation “directly challenges claims from pro-transgender clinical organizations, activists, and the Biden administration that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones reduce suicides of minors who believe they are the opposite sex,” Breitbart News reported last month.

The outlet notes:

The 25-page report, written by Senior Research Fellow Dr. Jay Greene, analyzes existing studies about the effectiveness of these treatments in preventing youth suicides. Greene found, similar to a recent report published by Florida Medicaid, that current research “fail[s] to show a causal relationship and [has] been poorly executed.”

The author took his analysis a step further, conducting research with what he called a “superior research design.” He ultimately found  “that easing access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by minors without parental consent increases suicide rates.” 

“U.S. policymakers are seeking to make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones based on the claim that doing so reduces suicide risk,” the report notes. “Studies finding that ‘gender-affirming’ interventions prevent suicide fail to show a causal relationship and have been poorly executed.

“A superior research design shows that easing access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by minors without parental consent increases suicide rates,” the report added.

Also, Florida’s Department of Health contended earlier this summer that children 18 years old and younger shouldn’t be given puberty blockers or hormone therapy.

“Based on the currently available evidence ‘encouraging mastectomy, ovariectomy, uterine extirpation, penile disablement, tracheal shave, the prescription of hormones which are out of line with the genetic make-up of the child, or puberty blockers, are all clinical practices which run an unacceptably high risk of doing harm,’” Florida’s Department of Health stated.


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