Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Biden Of Turning Justice Dept. Into 'Political Hit Squad' After Bannon Conviction

Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Biden Of Turning Justice Dept. Into 'Political Hit Squad' After Bannon Conviction

Former 2020 Democratic presidential contender and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard once again took the Biden administration to task, this time over what she sees as blatant politicization of the Justice Department.

Gabbard, an Army Reserve officer who represented Hawaii, took to Twitter to lambast the administration following Friday’s conviction of former top Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress after he refused to respond to a subpoena to appear before the Jan. 6 Committee. Bannon had tried to argue that he believed he was protected under executive privilege but was forbidden by the federal judge overseeing his trial from making that argument.

The former lawmaker called out the administration for refusing to pursue charges against former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan — who both served under former President Barack Obama — for allegedly lying to Congress.

“Whatever you think of Bannon, the fact he was charged with contempt of Congress, but Clapper, Brennan & others who lied to Congress have never been charged, shows how the Biden admin / elite have shamelessly weaponized law enforcement into a political hit squad,” Gabbard tweeted.

Bannon has been convicted on two counts of contempt; he faces 30 days to one year in prison on each count. He said Friday, however, that he plans to appeal.

Fox News adds:

Gabbard’s comments come nearly a month after she made an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” where she suggested without going into detail that some Democrats were operating outside of the law. 

“We need to stay within the bounds of the Constitution and the rule of law. I think the thing that I frankly have heard from some Democrats is an even more dangerous thing than that fear that you’re talking about, which is they feel like that they need to do whatever they need to do in order to save America,” Gabbard told host Jesse Watters on June 24. “And that is a dangerous mindset to have.”


In a tweet following reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, made a multimillion-dollar purchase in a computer chip maker as his wife was angling for a vote on legislation that would provide massive federal subsidies to American chip manufacturers as a way to move away from Chinese-made chips also drew Gabbard’s ire recently.

“Shameless. Business as usual. Democracy? This is the standard by which the Washington elite of both parties consider Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a democracy,” she wrote in a tweet containing a link to a Washington Times article reporting on the stock purchase.

“You look throughout history, just about every single dictator who does whatever they feel they need to do, they feel like their cause is just, and so when we have people in positions of power — yes, in government, but in other sectors of our society as well, who feel like they need to do all they can to save the country, to save the people, and yet they are defying our Constitution and undermining our democracy and ruining our country in the process,” Gabbard told Watters. “This is what we need to protect ourselves and our country and our future from.”

Fox News went on to report that both Brennan and Clapper were asked during congressional testimony, under oath, about mass surveillance programs being used against American citizens, which they both denied.

“Three months later, former NSA intelligence consultant Edward Snowden released classified documents proving otherwise — and the campaign for Clapper and Brennan to clarify their statements began,” the network’s report noted further.

Fox noted further:

In a letter to the Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein, Clapper admitted to giving a “clearly erroneous” response that he was forced to “openly correct” because he “simply didn’t think” of the mass collection program.

During a speech at the Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington, D.C. the following year, Brennan blamed the media for “mischaracterizations” of his statements. 


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