WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Obviously' Biden's DOJ Set To Indict Trump Following Raid

WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Obviously' Biden's DOJ Set To Indict Trump Following Raid

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in a lengthy monologue Tuesday, said what is undoubtedly on the minds of those who support former President Donald Trump: That the Biden regime is angling to indict him for something as a means of keeping him out of the 2024 presidential race.

Carlson began by asserting that “no honest person could believe that the raid on Donald Trump’s home last week was a legitimate act of law enforcement,” going on to add that if the Justice Department was concerned that the 45th president had nuclear documents in the open: “You have to wonder, why did they wait a year and a half to do anything about it? Why did they wait till 90 days before a midterm election, an election that polls suggest they will lose?”

Carlson went on to blast RINO politicians like outgoing Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison, himself a former congressman, for attempting to justify the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last week.

“The FBI is just simply carrying out their responsibilities. Of course, they are,” he said sarcastically.

“What? Well, ‘you don’t support law enforcement? There’s nothing to see here.’ That’s the line, and no doubt Asa Hutchinson, and Mitch McConnell, and Dan Crenshaw and the rest of them will be telling you the very same thing when the Biden Justice Department, or some other state law enforcement agency under their influence, finally does what you know they’re going to do, which is indict Donald Trump. Obviously, they’re going to do that. Who knows how.”

Carlson then suggested that the regime will come up with some flimsy charge that will be familiar to the former president’s supporters because it will smack of the treatment he’s received from the ‘establishment’ since before he won the 2016 election.

“Maybe they’ll produce surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago. Apparently, they’ve already subpoenaed that and will spend the next year talking about how it shows ‘Trump mishandling classified information.’ Really? On the server. Remember the endless Russia collusion hoax? We’re in for a lot more of that,” Carlson continued.

“They’ll scream about how Trump is a criminal, and if you express any support for him, or any interest in retaining, I don’t know, the rights of free speech and due process, you’re a criminal, too. In fact, you are the threat. You’re the threat, and just mentioning you disagree with what is happening is an attack on our government. That’s their style,” he said.

He went on to say that what happened at Mar-a-Lago last week was emblematic of a third-world banana republic where those in power persecute their political enemies.

“Indicting Donald Trump is a very big step, not simply because a lot of people like him, and he’s the former president, but because indicting him at this point would be to reveal that this entire thing, and by thing we mean our justice system, is just transparently political. It’s just a means to an end, a means to power, and people know that at this point. They’ve watched it,” the Fox News host added.

“They understand what’s happening. Even people who don’t like Donald Trump, even people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and don’t want to vote for him in 2024, they know, and they can’t unknow. And that means that we are at this point on the edge of something unprecedented and something awful,” he said.

“It’s not good, and not just for [Trump], for all of us. This could get very bad, very fast, and the Biden people know that perfectly well. They know what could happen if they continue down this path of using law enforcement to cling to power. But they don’t care because they’re facing a repudiation from voters, and they’re desperate, and they’ll do anything but at what cost? Pray they pull back before it’s too late,” he intoned.



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