Tucker Carlson Identifies The One Factor That He Says Proves Society Is Collapsing in Dem-Run Cities

Tucker Carlson Identifies The One Factor That He Says Proves Society Is Collapsing in Dem-Run Cities

Fox News host Tucker Carlson honed in on Democrat-run cities during his Tuesday monologue and identified the one criminal act that indicates societal breakdown is imminent.

After noting that historically an increase in a phenomenon once known as highway robbery precludes societal collapse, Carlson said the modern-day equivalent — carjackings — are skyrocketing in Democrat-controlled cities where far-left prosecutors who are wedded to policies that serve as alternatives to jail are responsible for the dramatic decrease in public order and safety.

“Turns out the symptoms of societal decay are universal. They’re not unique to a specific society. You recognize them in any country at any time, now or a thousand years ago, always the same. The men become weak. The leaders get decadent. Law enforcement gets politicized. The currency gets devalued, and then things begin to come apart,” Carlson said as he began his show.

“Pretty soon, it doesn’t take long, the society can no longer perform its most basic function…With legitimate authority in retreat, roads are not controlled by the police. They’re controlled by armed predators and the armed predators take exactly what they want from travelers because they can,” he added.

“This is an ancient problem. It used to be called highway robbery, and for most of history, it kept people very close to home. Turns out it still exists, but now it’s called carjacking,” Carlson continued.

“Carjacking is the clearest possible sign that your civilization is falling apart, and that’s why you find it in places like Somalia and South Africa, places where force, violence, and clan loyalty have replaced law and order, places where might makes right,” the host continued. “In the city of Johannesburg, for example, a vehicle is hijacked, on average, once every hour of the day. Now, once that happens, there’s really no coming back from it. Nobody’s going to build anything in the city with endemic carjacking.”

Carlson then called out Democrat leaders in cities like New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis, though he specifically called out the Big Easy’s mayor, LaToya Cantrell, who showed up at the sentencing of a 14-year-old accused carjacker as a character witness. The suspect, a young male, had reportedly participated in a taxpayer-funded initiative called the Pathways Youth Internship Program.

He did not get any jail time.

“Cantrell was taking the side of the carjacker over the traumatized, law-abiding woman…Pathways, like most social justice scams, is not, in fact, designed to reduce crime. It’s about siding with the criminal, giving the criminals as much support as they need, even a courtroom visit from the mayor, if necessary, so they can go out and commit more crimes as soon as possible,” Carlson said, going on to reference a New Orleans grandmother who was killed during a March carjacking.

“So again, society exists not to protect 17-year-olds with guns…society exists to protect people who need the protection: the helpless, the weak, grandmothers who might be dragged and have their arms ripped off without police protection, and of course, in the absence of police protection, in the absence of leadership that cares about the weak, those are exactly the people who are murdered, and it’s not just happening in New Orleans,” he said.

Carlson then mocked a program in Philadelphia that provides violin lessons to youthful offenders.

“If you will carjack, if you will steal someone’s car at gunpoint, you will also rape. You will also murder. You have no limits,” the host said in generalizing carjacking suspects.

The nuclear family, he continued, is “essential to any functioning civilization, and in lieu of them, it is clear that things fall apart, and the only thing you can do is to put people out of the public sphere, away, so that other people aren’t hurt by them.” Pouring money into ‘programs’ rather than spending it on law enforcement and criminal justice is stupid and counterproductive, he added.

“So if you look closely enough at this specific problem, carjacking, and it’s one of the many problems in our society that seem to be getting worse, but just look at this one, and you begin to realize, because everything is irony at this point, the youth violence prevention initiatives that are supposed to stop this, actually enable it, indeed appear to be encouraging it, and yet they’re still getting millions of dollars from the Biden administration,” Carlson said.

“The youth diversion programs that make these kinds of crimes more common have a lot in common with the equity programs for unhoused people that seem to encourage homelessness,” he added.



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