Trump on COVID Booster Shots: ‘Money-Making Operation’, ‘I Could See Dollar Signs in Their Eyes’

Trump on COVID Booster Shots: ‘Money-Making Operation’, ‘I Could See Dollar Signs in Their Eyes’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and vaccine companies such as Pfizer have recently come out publicly saying people may need “booster shots” months after being vaccinated against COVID-19. The Daily Mail reports “the Biden administration is expected to recommend booster shots for Pfizer and Moderna this week.”

Hold the phone, says former President Donald Trump, who made his opinion on the matter public Wednesday. Speaking to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump accused the third dose of vaccinations, or “booster shots” of sounding “like a money-making operation.”

“You know what, that sounds to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer, okay, think of the money involved. That’s tens of billions of dollars” said Trump. “If you’re a pure businessman you’ll say, ‘you know what, let’s give them another shot, $10 billion of money coming in,’ the whole thing is crazy” Trump exclaimed.

Trump, who received his COVID-19 vaccination in January, added “when these first came out they were good for life. Now they’re only good for a year or two And I could see the writing on the wall.”

“I could see the dollar signs in their eyes – of that guy that runs Pfizer. You know, the guy that announced the day after election that he had the vaccine. But we knew that, and I knew that, and the people knew that” Trump continued.

The Daily Mail writes that Pfizer had submitted its request for emergency use authorization on November 20, 2020. Additionally, Pfizer’s CEO, who Trump referenced, Albert Bourla, was paid over $21 million in 2020. “He made $17.9 million from his job with the drug giant in 2019, the year before the pandemic.”



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