TRUMP: I Will BAN The Mutilation Of Children Under The Guise Of Gender Care

TRUMP: I Will BAN The Mutilation Of Children Under The Guise Of Gender Care

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced his plan to put an end to “the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation” of American children that is being pushed by far-left actors and the Biden regime.

Trump said that he would rid the government of policies that “affirm” children’s genders and makes sure that children are not given surgeries that could alter their lives.

“The left-wing gender insanity being pushed on our children is an act of child abuse,” Trump began. “On day one I will revoke Joe Biden’s cruel policies on so-called gender-affirming care … a process that includes giving kids puberty blockers, mutating their physical appearance, and ultimately performing surgery on minor children.”

Trump said that he would sign an executive order that would instruct federal agencies to halt programs that promote sex or gender transitions, at any age. He said his administration would put an end to federal funding of gender reassignment surgeries and make them illegal for children across the US.

He added that his administration would ensure that teachers who tell students that they are in the wrong body face “severe consequences,” and vowed to work with congress to ensure that laws are passed that protect students.

“I will declare,” Trump continued, “that any hospital or healthcare provider that participates in the chemical or physical mutilation of minor youth will no longer meet federal health and safety standards for Medicaid and Medicare, and will be terminated from the program immediately.”

“As part of our new credentialing body for teachers,” Trump continued, “we will promote positive education about the nuclear family, the roles of mothers and fathers, and celebrating rather than erasing the things that make men and women different and unique.”

“No serious country,” he concluded, “should be telling its children that they were born with the wrong gender.”


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