'Transportation' Secretary Buttigieg Tells Hard-Pressed Americans To Suck It Up When It Comes to High Gas Prices

'Transportation' Secretary Buttigieg Tells Hard-Pressed Americans To Suck It Up When It Comes to High Gas Prices

If you were expecting the current Democratic White House regime to help them out when it comes to the high price of gasoline caused by Joe Biden’s ‘America last’ energy policies, you’re going to be disappointed.

And angry.

After the effort to blame gas prices on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine fell flat, the regime is now merely telling Americans struggling to pay the higher prices to suck it up because they aren’t going down anytime soon.

‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg, who as head of the Department of Transportation is doing as bad a job as Kamala Harris is at being vice president, said in a speech last week that the only way to become energy independent is to be completely reliant on green energy — which was a lie because America became energy independent relying on plentiful, cheap, fossil fuels under former President Donald Trump.

The Blaze reports:

Last month, “Mayor Pete” made headlines when he said (in all seriousness) that the obvious solution for dealing with insanely high gas prices is to just go buy an electric vehicle. Maybe Mayor Pete doesn’t realize that most of us can’t afford to buy a new car at all, let alone an EV that costs “roughly $10,000 higher than the overall industry average,” according to Kelley Blue Book.

Now, our tone-deaf transportation secretary has let Americans know that we all need to get used to “wild price hikes” until we “achieve a form of energy independence that is based on clean energy.”


Needless to say, Buttigieg was ratioed badly on social media.

After Buttigieg suggested that Americans should just ditch their cheaper and cheaper-to-operate gas-powered cars and trucks for expensive EV’s he was blasted for embracing administration policies that are causing the wildly higher fuel prices.

“So much is wrong with that statement, from start to finish,” said Jacki Daily, host of “The Jacki Daily Show,” whose career spans two decades of experience in the energy industry, politics, and law.

“We need to use what we have right now, in place already, for the immediate crisis. Does he understand there’s a war going on that can quickly explode into something much bigger? Does he understand it?! We don’t have time for this,” Daily continued.


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