Transportation Dept. Training Claims Non-Whites, Women, Non-Citizens Are All Widely Oppressed in U.S.

Transportation Dept. Training Claims Non-Whites, Women, Non-Citizens Are All Widely Oppressed in U.S.

The latest federal agency to get ‘woke’ is Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation, according to materials obtained by Fox News through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The network is reporting that employee training curriculum instructs staffers that non-whites, women, and non-citizens are all part of an “oppressed” group in the United States, and that employees are further asked to transform the agency into an “anti-racist multicultural organization.”

Among the materials are charts that assist staff members in tracking and quantifying their alleged status as “agents” of “privileged groups” or “targets” within “oppressed groups.”

and are given charts that track and help quantify their status as “agents” of “privileged groups” or “targets” within “oppressed groups.

“How do we measure success in diversity work?” one slide asks employees. “How do we measure success in equity work?”

“None of us asked for this. None of us are responsible for the past; but all of us are responsible for how we show up in the present and for our part in creating the future,” the training slideshow continues. “Even as we talk about racial equity, racism is playing out.”

Fox News further reports:

The DOT is currently headed by former presidential candidate and current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who was confirmed early in President Biden’s term. 

The training goes on to explain the concepts of “individual racism,” “institutional racism” and “structural racism.” Charts and a continuum are provided, giving examples of oppressors and oppression — including “non-citizens” oppressed by “citizens” via “nationalism.” 

Charts included in the presentation also cite “cisgender men” as oppressors of “cisgender women,” “Trans*” and “intersex” individuals via sexism, and “middle aged” people as oppressors of “youth and elders” via “ageism.” 

In addition, the materials say that just claiming not to be racist and sexist is not enough, adding, “Attempting to suppress or deny biased thoughts can actually increase bias action rather than eradicate it.”

The left-wing ‘wokeness’ continues to permeate both government agencies and large private corporations, as has been well documented by Christopher Rufo, a Manhattan Institute researcher who has documented dozens of instances where “critical race theory” — of which the Transporation Dept. staff curriculum appears to be based on — is infused into corporate and government policy.

For example:

At a series of events at the Treasury Department and federal financial agencies, diversity trainer Howard Ross taught employees that America was “built on the backs of people who were enslaved” and that all white Americans are complicit in the system of white supremacy “by automatic response to the ways [they’re] taught.” In accompanying documents, Ross argues that white employees can be reduced to the quality of “whiteness,” which is a form of inborn oppression, and must “struggle to own their racism.”

He instructs “white managers” to conduct “listening sessions” in which black employees can explain “what it means to be Black” and be “seen in their pain,” with white employees instructed to “sit in their discomfort” and not “fill the silence” with their “own thoughts and feelings.” Black employees, Mr. Ross says, are not “obligated to like you, thank you, feel sorry for you, or forgive you.”

Rufo goes on to provide another example, this one from a government nuclear weapons lab:

At the Sandia National Laboratories, which develops technology for America’s nuclear arsenal, executives held a racially segregated training session for white male employees. The three-day event, which was led by a company called White Men As Full Diversity Partners, set the goal of examining “white male culture” and making the employees take responsibility for their “while privilege,” “male privilege” and “heterosexual privilege.” In one of the opening exercises, the instructors wrote on a whiteboard that “white male culture” can be associated with “white supremacists,” “KKK,” “Aryan Nation,” “MAGA hat” and “mass killings.” 


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