Transgender Woman Fights To Keep Women's Sports For Biological Women

Transgender Woman Fights To Keep Women's Sports For Biological Women

A biological male who identifies as a woman has spoken in support of women’s sports and a state bill that protects it.

Corrina Cohn, 46, spoke before the Indiana House of Representatives and said that she believes it is not fair to “expect girls to cede their hard-won rights,” The Blaze reported.

“My testimony today is based on my personal opinion as a transsexual,” she said. “That is, a person who was born male and used pharmaceutical hormones and plastic surgery to feminize my body so that I appear to be a woman. Despite having these procedures, my sex is male and neither science nor medicine can change that.”

The speaker talked about her own experience as a transgender person and used the example of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas as an example of a transgender athlete violating women’s sports.1

“I began this process as a teenager, and although my testosterone levels have been in the female range for nearly 30 years, male puberty has endowed me with physical advantages such as height, bone structure, and increased lung capacity,” Cohn argued. “For example, I stand 5’10”, which puts me in the 99th percentile for women’s height. I am just an inch shorter than the elite women athletes in the WNBA. The average male is 5 inches taller than the average female. Banning males from participating in women’s and girls sport would be justified on this basis alone.”

Cohn said that the advantage biological men have over biological women is blatant and argued that Thomas has benefitted from these advantages.

“If more males like Lia are permitted to compete against women, it will become common to see women marginalized in their own sport category,” Cohn argued. “I have school-aged girls in my family. I know they often need support and encouragement to stick to competitive activities. When boys are allowed to compete with girls in their own sport, that is one more reason a girl has to talk herself out of participating.”

Cohn then explained to the Daily Signal that “trans activism has become a zero-sum game.”

“I am privileged to be able to live my life peacefully and enjoy a wide range of civil rights as a trans person,” Cohn said on Monday.

Cohn said that if transgender activists continue to “cannibalize women’s rights,” the backlash is going to be “severe.”

“I wish that we could all break out of the tribal mentality,” Cohn argued. “I feel distressed that organizations like Planned Parenthood have sold out women. … The trans rights movement has captured organizations which had traditionally supported women’s rights. These groups are now effectively men’s rights organizations.”


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