Transgender Community Angry at Transracial YouTuber Who Underwent 18 Surgeries to Look Korean

Transgender Community Angry at Transracial YouTuber Who Underwent 18 Surgeries to Look Korean

Transition surgeries; where will it end? If gender reassignment surgeries are to be accepted, what will be the response to trans racial surgeries? British YouTuber and influencer Oli London recently took to Twitter to proudly announce his transition is now complete.

“My TRANSition story & how I became KOREAN” London tweeted, with a link to his YouTube video. The influencer is now being hailed as a “racist” for identifying as being another race and for having taken the surgical steps to do so.

London admittedly underwent 18 surgeries to look Korean, similar to BTS pop star Jimin. London identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They also no longer identify as British, and has asked to be referred to as Korean.

In the video posted to Twitter, London said they are “so happy I can finally live my life how I want to live it.” London also hopes they will be accepted by Koreans due to their new look, and hopes BTS member Jimin will be “proud.”

However, social media is ripping the YouTuber to shreds. The video was posted on Saturday, June 26th and has received the majority of “dislikes” or thumbs down, for the video. One Twitter user wrote “Isn’t this literally racist” and many were infuriated that London compared identifying as a different race to being transgender.

One user who appears to be transgender wrote “This is why I get ENORMOUSLY pissed off at trans issues being presented as a choice,. To compare the shit I went through to this self-absorption is offensive.” They added, “there is an enormous difference between ‘want to’ and ‘need to’ and this guy is on the ‘want to’ side.” Clearly, this user was not sensitive to the fact that London does not want to be referred to as a “guy” but rather, “they/them.”

One infamous transracial individual, Rachel Dolezal, would disagree with the Twitter user’s assessment. Dolezal was the leader of a branch for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a civil rights organization. In 2015 it was revealed that she was not actually Black.

She identified as Black, but was actually of European ancestry. Dolezal identifies as transracial and claimed she “didn’t choose to feel this way or be this way, I just am.”


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