Top Pollster Says Trump's Trial Is Irrelevant To Americans Who Are Struggling Under Bidenomics

Top Pollster Says Trump's Trial Is Irrelevant To Americans Who Are Struggling Under Bidenomics

A top pollster says that the vast majority of Americans and likely voters aren’t being swayed by former President Donald Trump’s ‘hush money’ trial in Manhattan because they are more focused on—and worried about—having enough money to get by in the age of ‘Bidenomics.’

Pollster and InsiderAdvantage chairman Matt Towery spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday about election reform in Georgia and emphasized that the ongoing Trump trial in New York is irrelevant to the average American.

“I polled most of these swing states for the FOX affiliates in past years. I can tell you a couple of thoughts I have. One, the timing of these polls. I still think they are going to take one more swipe at trying to get this guy out of the race. That’s just my first intuition,” he began.

“Number two, these numbers are real. The real issue will be to Ned [Ryun]’s point: how do we weigh our point at the end? Now, some states like Georgia when Sen. Brandon Beach and Lt. Governor [Burt Jones] push for election reform. The governor actually signed it. I think Georgia is going to be a safer state for the Republicans. And our waiting will change there,” he continued.

“In other states like in Arizona, where they passed election reform but the federal courts decided that people don’t have to say where they are from from federal races that could really impact an Arizona race. The devil is in the details, but right now, what’s going on is you have got a trial going on that’s irrelevant to these people who cannot pay for their food, have their rent so high, and now you have a stagnant real estate market on top of it. So it’s sort of like watching this trial or you are everybody else,” he added.

CNN chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny said on Monday that voters he has spoken with are bored with the trial and do not care about it.

And the polls show it as the most recent New York Times / Siena College poll on Monday found the former president ahead of President Joe Biden in key battleground states including 13% in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, 6% in Arizona, 3% in Pennsylvania and 1% in Wisconsin.

“This is a reminder … that we have no idea at all, the political fallout from this, if there is any, from this trial,” he said. “It’s kind of remarkable to think that there wouldn’t be, but if you look at these battleground states that are going to be central to this reelection, the former president is beating the current president outside the margin of error in every state but two, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

“We will have to wait and see what this verdict is and how voters are assessing it,” he said. “But as I talk to voters across the country in these battleground states … many of them aren’t paying attention at all and are disgusted and sort of tired with this, but the numbers beyond the horse race are so interesting. The reason that President Biden is having problems, it’s because of young voters, voters of color, inflation. That is the issue on the minds of voters, not this.”

“So it’s still the economy, stupid?” host Wolf Blitzer said, referring to a quote from famed Democrat operative James Carville.

“It seems to be. Inflation really is at the heart of so much of this,” the national affairs correspondent said.


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