Top Billionaire GOP Donor Who Relocated to Florida Prepares to Take On 'Woke' Ideology In Schools

Top Billionaire GOP Donor Who Relocated to Florida Prepares to Take On 'Woke' Ideology In Schools

A powerful billionaire and Republican donor who just relocated his business from Chicago to Florida is preparing to take on far-left woke ideology seeping into public schools, and he believes he’s found his champion to do just that.

Newly reelected Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Hedge fund CEO Ken Griffin, who is worth roughly $30 billion, said this week that he plans to back DeSantis for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 should he decide to run, and that a big reason is that DeSantis took on woke in Florida public schools and won.

“It’s gonna get me thrown out of here, but taxes weren’t part of our decision to come to Florida,” Griffin said this week of his move to Miami, according to Bloomberg News.

“When you’ve got great schools, a great environment and your streets are safe and clean, that’s when you’ve got a place you want to live in and call home. There’s something very special about the government in Florida and their focus on delivering traditional values for the community,” he added.

He went on to talk specifically how the woke educational curriculum was damaging his children in Chicago while adding that they have thrived in Florida’s school system.

“My children went to a phenomenal school in Chicago … but their indoctrination in woke ideology was crushing,” Griffin said. “They came home very confused about whether or not the United States was a good country. And they came home confused about what they could or couldn’t say to a student who was Asian or otherwise of color.”

“My son was reprimanded for telling an Asian student he was good at math — for stereotyping,” Griffin added. “And it’s unbelievable to see how that destroys the minds of children who are otherwise innocent and good and don’t think about these kinds of things.

“Watching them transform here in school in Miami is perhaps the greatest gift Miami has given my family,” Griffin noted further.

The CEO then shifted to talk about DeSantis, whose campaign he donated $5 million ahead of the governor’s landslide victory of nearly 20 points. He praised the job DeSantis has done in Florida and said his policies would make the U.S. far better off.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do. It’s a huge personal decision,” he said. “He has a tremendous record as governor of Florida, and our country would be well-served by him as president.”

“Would I support him? The bigger question is, is he going to run?” Griffin continued. “That bridge has to be crossed.”

The funds manager did offer some praise for former President Donald Trump, whom he said did “a lot of things really well.”

But, he added, Trump also “missed the mark on some important areas.”

“And for a litany of reasons, I think it’s time to move on to the next generation,” Griffin said of the former president.


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