Lunatic On The View Says The US Constitution Is 'Kind of Trash'

Lunatic On The View Says The US Constitution Is 'Kind of Trash'

Author and MSNBC pundit Elie Mystal appeared on daytime TV talk show The View to give his opinions on the US Constitutions, where he described it as being “kind of trash.”

Mystal, author of “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution,” told host Ana Navarro that the document was “certainly not sacred” after she asked if he was in favor of throwing out the Constitution.

“It’s certainly not sacred, let’s start there,” Mystal said. “The Constitution is kind of trash. Let’s just talk as adults for a second.”

Mystal was then asked to repeat himself by host Joy Behar, to which Mystal doubles down and confidently repeats himself.

“It’s kind of trash. It was written by slavers and colonists, and white people who were willing to make deals with slavers and colonists,” he said. “They didn’t ask anybody who looked like me what they thought about the Constitution.”

“This document was written without the consent of Black and Brown people in this country, and without the consent of women in this country,” Mystal said. “And I say, if that is the starting point, the very least we can do is ignore what those slavers and colonists and misogynists thought, and interpret the Constitution in a way that makes sense for our modern world.”

Mystal laid out his mission, saying that he was trying to explain what he believed Republicans are doing to the law.

“So what I’m trying to do with this book is explain in layman’s terms what Republicans are doing to the law. Because I honestly believe that if everybody understood it, they’d be as outraged as I am about it, and they’d be willing to do something about it,” Mystal said.

“Look folks, the law is complicated. I’m not gonna lie about that. But it’s not beyond the reach of most literate people, alright? It’s not sending a rocket to Mars and making it land just so— you can read a lot that governs the country and you can understand how Republicans are all obviously trying to manipulate those laws. To take away the rights of minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, you can see it all and I try to explain it in ways that people can understand so that we can fight them,” Mystal said.

Host Sunny Hostin said that she “loved the book so much.” Ana Navarro echoed those sentiments, saying that she was “on ground zero of where all this is happening” as someone who lives in Florida.

When asked if he wanted to rewrite the constitution, Mystal said that he “could.”

“I could rewrite parts of it in a tweet, right? Like how about the popular election for the President, people vote, not land, term limits for Supreme Court justice. And how about no state’s rights when it comes to health care, elections, policing, and guns. That’s better. That’s just better, and you can do that in a tweet.”


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