Texas Republicans File Legislation to Bar Gender-Affirming Procedures, Drag Performances For Kids

Texas Republicans File Legislation to Bar Gender-Affirming Procedures, Drag Performances For Kids

Texas Republicans are getting ready ahead of the next legislative session to put some sanity back in social policy while putting the brakes on left-wing cultural rot.

Two proposed pieces of legislation are aimed at protecting children — both from themselves and from inappropriate over-sexualization.

One bill would ban gender-affirming procedures for transgendered youth, while the other dramatically limits minors being exposed to drag show performances in bars and nightclubs.

GOP state Rep. Jared Patterson on Monday introduced a bill that will classify any business that hosts drag performances as “sexually oriented businesses” under Texas statutes, The Hill reported. The measure bans bar customers under the age of 18 from entering the premises, while making violations a Class A misdemeanor, carrying a sentence of more than a year in county jail as well as a fine up to $4,000.

Also, Republican state Rep. Cole Hefner on Monday filed a bill that classifies gender-affirming hormone therapies as a form of criminal child abuse. The measure criminalizes and could even carry felony charges for “administering or supplying … a puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child … for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment.”

In June, the Texas Republican Party unveiled an updated party platform that defined homosexual behavior as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” while also opposing “all efforts to validate transgender identity.” Some experts have said that the trans fad is just that and that children who permanently alter their bodies will regret their decisions later in life.

To that end, three young people who have detransitioned recently phoned into a school board meeting in California to tell of their personal experiences with “gender-affirming care” and to push back on the district’s support for transgender ideology.

The Daily Wire reports that on Tuesday, Chloe Cole, Abel Garcia, and Cat Cattinson called the Conejo Valley Unified School District’s (CVUSD) Board of Education during the meeting’s public comment period to voice their opposition to the pushing of trans ideology which, they said, led them to believe they were transgender and pursue permanent life-altering medical transition procedures.

“I’m calling because I’m concerned about the messaging directed at kids by the school surrounding gender identity ideology,” said Cattinson, a 30-year-old molecular biologist and a detransitioned woman who thought she was a boy after being introduced to gender ideology at age 13.

“I began identifying as the opposite sex, a man, and [that belief] negatively affected me for the next fifteen years,” Cattinson added. “Puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries are irreversible.

“By affirming a child’s cross-sex identification, they are encouraged to reject their biological sex, seeking drugs and surgeries that destroy the function of healthy body parts. I think that instead, we need to tell kids they don’t need to change themselves to be themselves,” she said.

Previously, Cattinson said she obtained a prescription for testosterone from a Planned Parenthood clinic after just a 30-minute phone call.

“Finally, I wanted to add there is a serious lack of quality research that any of these interventions improve mental health or prevent suicide in the long term,” said Cattinson.

Abel Garcia, 25, a male who medically transitioned when he was 19, called in with concerns about young students being subjected to the same ideology he was.

“I am here speaking up against the school board on the push that they are doing right now towards children with the transgender ideology,” said Garcia. “I cannot expect a child — a high school, middle, or elementary [aged] child — to understand the full extent of the damage that will be done to their bodies, if an adult like myself wasn’t able to.”

Garcia even went so far as to obtain breast implants at age 21.

And Chloe Cole, 18, called in to relate her story about how the ideology led her to reject her female body and push her down a path to medical interventions that have had permanent consequences.

“I would get comments on my body both from peers and adults, some of which were sexual in nature,” Cole said of entering puberty. “I hated growing into a woman. I didn’t identify at all with the women around me. I decided that I wanted to become a boy, and I chose a new name for myself: Leo.”


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