Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Pledges To Rid Universities of Critical Race Theory Curriculum

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Pledges To Rid Universities of Critical Race Theory Curriculum

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick vowed this week to prevent colleges and universities in the state from teaching highly divisive (and some say anti-white) critical race theory after the University of Texas at Austin Faculty Council passed a resolution saying only teachers should be in charge of setting curriculum, not politicians or parents.

“I will not stand by and let looney Marxist UT professors poison the minds of young students with Critical Race Theory,” Patrick noted in a Tuesday tweet. “We banned it in publicly funded K-12 and we will ban it in publicly funded higher ed. That’s why we created the Liberty Institute at UT.”

The Liberty Institute is a planned conservative think tank at the university that will promote “individual liberty, limited government, private enterprise and free markets,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

A statement from the council said the objective was to promote “academic freedom.”

“State legislative proposals seeking to limit teaching and discussions of racism and related issues have been proposed and enacted in several states, including Texas,” it said. “This resolution affirms the fundamental rights of faculty to academic freedom in its broadest sense, inclusive of research and teaching of race and gender theory.”

Parents all around the country have begun fighting the inclusion of CRT in public schools all over the country as the latest tool employed by the anti-American left to destroy what’s left of traditional values and further divide the nation (which is what revolutionaries do).

‘Ground Zero’ for this effort was Loudoun County, Va., but the effort sparked major pushback from a lot of parents, some teachers, and the newly-elected GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Last summer, one woman bravely stood up against the school district, comparing their actions to China’s Communist leader Mao Zedong.

The mother’s comparison is not akin to liberals throwing the word “racist” around hoping to make a point. Rather, she has the actual background and knowledge of having grown up during Mao’s reign in China. Hopefully, the school board has the brains to listen to her thoughtful and insightful words to help protect Virginia’s students.

The Virginia Project UAC tweeted out the video of the mother speaking to the board with this caption: “Watch a brave parent who grew up in Mao’s China point out all of the identical traits b/n the Cultural Revolution and what LCPS, and really every school system, are doing through the use of CRT.” CRT stands for Critical Race Theory; the notion is being forced upon students across the country, often without parents’ knowledge.

The mother’s statement is as follows:

“I’ve been very alarmed by what’s going on in our school. You are now teaching…. training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history. Growing up in Mao’s China all this seems very familiar. The Communist regime uses the same ‘critical theory’ to divide people, the only difference is that they use class instead of race. During the cultural revolution, I witnessed students and teachers that can turn against each other. We change the school names to be politically correct, we were taught to denounce our heritage, the Red Guards destroy anything that is not Communist.”

“We are also encouraged to report on each other just like the student equity ambassador program and bias reporting system. This is indeed the American version of the Chinese Communist… the Chinese cultural revolution. The critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism, it should have no place in our schools.”


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