Teaching Hate: Most Democrat College Students Would Refuse to Room With Trump Supporter

Teaching Hate: Most Democrat College Students Would Refuse to Room With Trump Supporter

Once again, the Democratic left is demonstrating that they are the party of hate and division, not conservatives who vote for Donald Trump and similar Republicans.

According to a new survey, a substantial majority of college students who lean towards or vote for Democrats would refuse to room with a Trump supporter, while at the same time Republican college students were far less likely to reject a roommate who voted for President Joe Biden.

The NBC News/Generation Labs poll released on Thursday asked 1,077 college sophomores about several political topics including one that revealed nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of college Dems would “probably not” or “definitely not” room with someone who supported Trump in 2020.

“I could never live with someone who supported a racist, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist person,” 18-year-old Siena College student September Mostransky said in reference to Trump, according to NBC. “I could possibly room with somebody who is Republican. But when it comes down to it, Donald Trump is not the average Republican candidate.”

Meanwhile, most Republican college students were a lot less hostile and judgemental of Democratic students who support Biden; only around 28 percent said they wouldn’t room with a Biden supporter.

Catholic University student Ethan Strohmetz, a 19-year-old Republican, said he wouldn’t have any problem rooming with a Biden voter.

“A person’s political views do not affect whether or not I would have a friendship or relationship with them. Many of my friends have vastly different political views than I do, but I do not let that affect our friendship,” Strohmetz said.

Mind you, Biden has been accused of sexual assault by at least eight women including one of his former Senate aides, Tara Reade, who said he was excessively violent with her in an alleged 1993 incident. Also, Biden has a rep of being ‘sexually creepy’ around small children and has often uttered very racist things. But our ‘media’ doesn’t treat those accusations the same way they treat accusations against Trump.

Generation Labs Founder Cyrus Beschloss appeared to be stunned by the survey results, The Daily Wire noted.

“That’s a pretty powerful picture — you have Trump dorms and Biden dorms,” he said. “I don’t think I would have seen that when I was starting college in 2015.”

The outlet adds:

The poll also revealed that a vast majority, 73%, of college Democratic voters don’t want Biden to run again in 2024. That finding backs up widespread feelings about the president among Democratic voters. Last month, a Quinnipiac poll found that 54% of Democrats don’t want Biden to run for re-election. However, 71% of Democrats continued to approve of Biden’s job as president, according to the same poll.

Among college Republicans in the NBC/Generation Labs poll, 57% supported a 2024 Trump bid. The poll was conducted August 12-17, just days after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in south Florida.

The poll also found that a majority said “they wouldn’t go on a date with someone who voted differently, and nearly two-thirds of them say they couldn’t see themselves marrying someone who backed a different presidential candidate two years ago,” NBC News added.


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