Swimmer Riley Gaines Pushes Back on Media 'Propaganda' Regarding Trump Kiss

Swimmer Riley Gaines Pushes Back on Media 'Propaganda' Regarding Trump Kiss

The mainstream media is simply incapable of being honest as they proved time and time again during then-President Donald Trump’s term, and now they are doing their best to continue attacking him with made-up ‘controversies.’

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines is pushing back on false media “propaganda” over claims that Trump made her uncomfortable when he gave her a friendly kiss on the forehead during her appearance on stage with him at a recent CPAC event.

“I think these recent headlines show, you know, how the media is pushing propaganda to fit their narrative,” Gaines told Fox News Digital. “By no means, not even for a second on that stage was I uncomfortable sharing that space with Trump.”

The outlet reported:

Gaines found herself in the spotlight earlier this year when she spoke out against University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who is transgender and was allowed to compete in women’s swimming. Thomas’ situation sparked a national debate over whether transgender woman should be permitted to compete in sports against biological women. 

Gaines, who does not believe transgender women should compete with biological women, famously tied Thomas for fifth place in the 200 Freestyle finals at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships. Her side-eye glare at Thomas became a flashpoint for the debate.

She appeared onstage at the annual gathering of conservatives with skateboarder Taylor Silverman to discuss radical gender politics of the left, but stuck around to hear that evening’s keynote speaker — but she had no clue the former president was going to invite her on stage.

“I met with Trump before the speech, and we took a photo, and we chatted for a while, and he told me, ‘You know, I have you a front row seat. I might mention your name. You can just stand up. It’ll be cool,’” she told the outlet.

During his speech, the former president said he wanted to “keep men out of women’s sports” before he introduced Gaines as the “beautiful, great swimmer” before he surprised her with an invite to come up on stage.

“Come up here, would you please come up here,” Trump said, motioning to Gaines. “This is a great champion, and she was beating everybody until one day she looked over and said, ‘That’s the largest human being I have ever seen.’”

Fox News noted that after Gaines joined the former president on stage he appeared to whisper something to her before kissing her on top of her head. Afterward, she stepped up to the mic and said: “Basically, all I want to say is that it takes a brain, and common sense and fifth-grade biology level understanding to realize this is blatantly unfair. It’s completely obvious… keep female sports female.”

After Trump joked about being able to beat her because he was a man, the two hugged and then Gaines went to sit back down before Trump finished his speech.

She discussed the incident afterward with Fox News.

“I had no idea I was going to go on stage. So, I was pretty nervous. But when a topic you’re so passionate about, nerves kind of do go out of the window a little bit,” she said.

Fox added:

If Gaines was nervous, the raucous CPAC crowd had no idea and gave her a rousing ovation. However, after Gaines exited the stage, she learned firsthand how the media can manipulate the narrative to fit its agenda. 

Newsweek wrote, “Trump’s Kiss Attempt on Swimmer Riley Gaines Creates Awkward CPAC Moment,” while Mediaite headlined a video, “AWKWARD: Trump Invites Swimmer on Stage During CPAC Speech, Who Recoils When Ex-President Goes in for a Kiss.” The Washington Examiner wrote, “Swimmer Riley Gaines dodges Trump as he tries to kiss her on stage,” and a viral tweet claiming she “flinches and pulled away” was viewed over 1.5 million times. 

Gaines said that those reports were completely false.

“I was nervous about being in front of that many people, but I never thought Trump was, you know, making me uncomfortable. I was never repulsed by him. And so, you know, you have these headlines that say ‘swimmer awkwardly refused Trump’s kiss,’” she said. “I slightly turned my head to hear what he was saying to me, and so people took that and completely ran with it.”

She also said she wondered if the media was attempting to paint Trump in the same light as President Biden, whom conservatives have regularly mocked for his well-known actions in making young girls and women uncomfortable.

“I’m not sure if it’s, you know, they’re trying to paint the same narrative or what it is, but take it from me. I never felt uncomfortable there, and I was never, ever trying to dodge a kiss,” Gaines said. “I think that’s completely crazy.”



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