'We Are Done Wearing Masks' TPUSA Students Across Washington State Stage Protest Against Mask Mandate

'We Are Done Wearing Masks' TPUSA Students Across Washington State Stage Protest Against Mask Mandate

High school students in Washington State have begun protesting the state’s mask mandates by coming to school not wearing masks.

TPUSA Students at Washougal High School staged a walkout on Wednesday. As they approached the school they were told they had to wear masks inside and they immediately walked away.

“We just want to go to school without a mask, we don’t want to protest,” one student was heard saying.

“We are done wearing masks,” another said.

Katie Daviscourt of TPUSA shared a video of the walkout protest on Twitter.

“@TPUSA students across the state of Washington are protesting masks in schools. Students are getting kicked out of buildings and threatened with suspensions,” she said.

“The scene at Washougal High School where students are holding the line. They said that they won’t be returning to class until the mask mandate is lifted. They question why WA is one of the last state’s in the country to do away with this policy,” she said with another video.

“Maddy Oerding, @TPUSA chapter President at Washougal High School, explains that administrators threatened to suspend her. ‘I’m hoping that this will make a big impact and for them to realize that us, as students, are done with this,’” she said.

“As you can tell we’re just, we’re done, the student said. “We don’t wanna do it anymore. It’s kind of our choice and it’s just kind of something that I feel like we should be able to decide if we want to wear them or not and that, we’re done,” she said when asked what she would say to the governor.

Daviscourt then went to Union High School in Washington where more students were protesting.

“All of these liberal states are gonna collapse,” one of the students said.

“The only time that the phrase ‘my body my choice’ should be used is not when it comes to killing babies but when it comes to people trying to put stuff in our faces and inject us with a syringe,” he said.

His message to other students was “When you speak up for your freedoms, you’re going to be heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the parking lot or inside the school.”

“Students at Hockinson High School in SW WA entered their school without masks. Administrators kicked them out. They are holding the line outside the school,” Daviscourt said in another video.

There were even younger students protesting at a Middle school as the hold of the would be dictators in state capitols begins to weaken.

“Students at South Bend High School on the coast of Washington holding the line against mask mandates. This has turned into a statewide revolution,” she said.

People, kids or adults, will only comply for so long before they demand their freedom. As mask mandates continue to fall nationwide it is a message Democrats appear to be getting, but they may be getting it after they have created an entire generation of Republican voters.


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