Stacey Abrams Says She'll Likely Run for Office Again Despite Crippling Debt

Stacey Abrams Says She'll Likely Run for Office Again Despite Crippling Debt

Stacey Abrams, the failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate for the state of Georgia, said during an appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show that she will likely run for political office again.

Abrams, who has made two unsuccessful bids for governor in the peach state, was asked, “So what’s next? Are you gonna run again? Do we get to look forward to this and galvanize again?” to which she said, “I will likely run again.”

She said that, while she doesn’t know “when” she would run again, that she would throw her hat in the race. She was cheered on by Barrymore, who asked if she plans to go up against “tough men” who “don’t always play fair.”

“Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And if it doesn’t work, you try again. But this issue is, what did you learn? Did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about your opponent and making sure you’re always remembering why you’re doing it,” Abrams told the audience.

Abrams recently lost her second bid for governor against Brian Kemp at the midterms last November. She also lost to Kemp in 2018. Abrams had initially refused to concede to Kemp, and has also suggested that Republicans “stole” the election from her via racist voting tactics such as voter ID laws.

“Part of my job, I run for office yes, but my first responsibility is to make sure anyone who wants to vote can, who is eligible. I want you to vote for me when you get in there, but protecting democracy is not about a person. It’s about the ideal. Our democracy is this collective hallucination we have where we say we’re going to work together to help each other and if anyone blinks and comes out of it like the Matrix, it starts to fall apart. That’s why it’s so vital that regardless of who you vote for, your voice matters because your silence is also permission,” Abrams said.

She added, “We have to remember the reason that voting was denied to so many for so long, women, people of color, young people, non-property owners, every time we advance access to the vote, we’re advancing access to society.”

It was recently reported by Axios that Abrams is in severe debt following the second campaign loss.


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