Sponsor Pulls Out of Drag Festival in Boise Following Outrage Over Child Drag Show

Sponsor Pulls Out of Drag Festival in Boise Following Outrage Over Child Drag Show

A sponsor that had signed on to a drag queen festival in Boise, ID., has now backed out after the event sparked outrage among local residents for including a “Drag Kid” show featuring children as young as 11.

“You have watched the Queens and Kings and now it is time to see the Kids,” read the advertisement for the event, the Boise Pride Festival, The Blaze reported. “Come and cheer them on as they bring drag to the younger generation!”

Dorothy Moon, chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party, said in a statement released Wednesday that the continued sexualization of children is outrageous and wrong.

“I call on all concerned Idahoans — and the lobbying groups that represent many of these out-of-state businesses who seek tax benefits and subsidies from our legislators, including IACI — to disavow this attack on Idaho’s children and to invest their sponsorship dollars in the Boise Rescue Mission that serves families, women fleeing abuse, and disadvantaged children. Children should be given the chance to live out a childhood free from violence, hunger, and the sexual appetites of adults,” Moon said.

KTVB 7 noted further:

A drag show for kids, an event at the Boise Pride festival, has sparked backlash from the Republican party and far-right groups calling it inappropriate — but, children expressing themselves and their identities is empowering and builds confidence, says Boise Pride.

Zions Bank, a sponsor of Boise Pride, pulled out of the event Wednesday. A statement from the bank said they were unaware of the performance involving children.

“When we committed to our sponsorship of this year’s Boise Pride event, we were unaware of the event’s activities involving children/minors,”, said the bank’s statement.

“Since learning of these specific activities, we have made the decision to withdraw our participation in this year’s Boise Pride event and have communicated this to the event organizers,” the statement added.

Naturally, the pervs who are putting on the ‘pride’ event defended the participation of children.

“The drag kids performance is a celebration of self-expression and confidence. The only perversion and sexualization of this performance are coming from extremists and people like Dorothy Moon, who are twisting it into something it is not,” Boise Pride said in a statement to KTVB 7.

The Blaze added:

Critics of the event called for the public to pressure the other sponsors, including Albertson’s, Jack Daniels, Wells Fargo, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Tito’s Vodka, and numerous other brands.

Donald Williamson, a spokesperson for the Boise Pride Festival, denied that the drag event would be sexualizing children.

“It’s not a radical liberal agenda to accept people for who they are. It’s human,” he said.


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