Sony Changes Line In Spiderman Movie Because It Was Deemed 'Homophobic'

Sony Changes Line In Spiderman Movie Because It Was Deemed 'Homophobic'

Some Spiderman fans got a minor victory in a broadcast of the 2002 superhero movie on Britain’s ITV.

A line in the movie, that some believed to be homophobic, was cut from the broadcast.

In the original version of the movie Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire insults “Bonesaw” played by wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

“That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?” he says to the former World Wrestling Entertainment World Champion and Hall of Famer.

The new version for ITV shortened it to “That’s a cute outfit.”

It was noticed by someone on Twitter who shared the clip and said “THEY REMOVED PETER PARKER’S HOMOPHOBIA.”

After the tweet garnered a ton of attention the original poster explained what he was saying.

“This is getting way moar attention than I expected, just wanna say that, no, the original line isn’t homophobic. It’s been a joke for a little while now that Spider-Man is insensitive to this man’s husband,” he said.

But many took it seriously.

“Are you guys f*cking serious?? You get on spiderman for apparantly ‘fat shaming’\ doc ock or something, but now yall callin him homophobic? I swear yall just bored AF! Spend your time wisely into something that could actually help people, it’s a F*CKING MOVIE!!” one Twitter person said.

“How is it ‘homophobic’ @SpiderMan assumed that the guys husband made it for him @Sony you’re stupid,” another said.

“People really think that the line ‘That’s a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?’ in the 2002 spiderman is ‘homophobic.’ My response is ‘I missed the part where that’s my problem.’ Those people need to grow up and stop being a pansy over jokes from 20 years ago,” another said.

“Spiderman isn’t homophobic. He was just trying to get under the testosterone pumping dude with chicks all around him, and it clearly worked. But people are too stupid to see that,” another commentor said.

“Another day on Twitter showing why anime is superior while SJWs censor a Spiderman scene for being allegedly ‘homophobic’. That movie was good, everything sadly stagnated since then thanks to western censorship. Miss the times American movies were actually good &/or random fun,” another argued.

“That’s not a homophobic line. He is taunting the toxic masculinity persona by commenting on something g that he thinks would make him angry. Because Spiderman knows how stupidly toxic that wrestler is. Spiderman is and always will be a champion of the oppressed. Stop the nonsense,” another said.


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