Shocking: Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik Fears Trump Assassination Following FBI Raid

Shocking: Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik Fears Trump Assassination Following FBI Raid

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik made a disturbing observation on Tuesday following the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate a day earlier.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Kerik opined that if the raid did not prevent Trump from running again in 2024, he is “deathly afraid” that the left will orchestrate his assassination.

“If you remember back in 2016, right before he got elected, I was in Washington, DC. I was at a couple of different social events, and I hear people talking, they said the Democrats want this guy so bad that they wouldn’t put assassination behind it,” he told host Eric Bolling.

“And I’m gonna tell you something. They’ve tried impeachment, they’ve tried another impeachment, they’ve tried one investigation after another,” Kerik continued.

“This is about one thing: this is about stopping him from running in 2024. And I’m gonna tell you something, I’m not into conspiracies, I’m not into anti-government rhetoric. This is the first time in my lifetime that I would say I am deathly afraid for Donald Trump. I would not put assassination behind these people,” the former NYPD commish added.


Kerik made the same claim in a tweet.

“And just like in other Third World countries, if today’s raid by Biden’s FBI does not stop Donald Trump from running for president in 2024, their next move will be Assassination,” he wrote.

His remark was in response to former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who served under Trump. He wrote: Third World dictators prosecute their political enemies. @JoeBiden has weaponized the US government for his political purposes. It’s outrageous. And creating a terrible precedent.”

In another tweet, Kerik noted: I stand with President Donald J. Trump. Not because he was the President of the United States, but because this is tyranny. There is no greater threat to our Republic than a government that breaks its own laws, to deprive its citizens of liberty and freedom. #BananaRepublic.”

Fox News host Dan Bongino also ripped the Biden regime and the FBI over the raid, which he likened to “third-world bulls**t.”

“This is some third-world bulls**t right here. Let me say it again, third-world bulls**t,” Bongino began. “I mean every word of that. I don’t care that it’s cable news. I was a federal agent, I raised my right hand. And I swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. And I love this country. This is a freaking disgrace. A disgrace.

“We don’t live in Cuba. We don’t live under Kim Jong Un. We live in a constitutional republic. A representative democracy. You have a bunch of FBI agents raiding the home of a former president because they don’t like his politics? Are you kidding me?” he added.

According to Conservative Brief, “the FBI’s unannounced raid was allegedly tied to boxes of classified information that Trump had supposedly taken to his Florida estate.”

Fox News added that the raid “was in connection with materials that Trump took with him from his time as president.” The outlet quoted other sources who said the “National Archives and Records Administration referred the case to the Justice Department,” and agents “recovered 15 boxes of classified materials from” Trump’s estate.

“This is some third-world garbage that happened tonight,” Bongino continued.


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