Sen. Tim Scott Riffs On Biden After Divisive Speech, Says U.S. Needs Leader Who Can Unify Without 9/11-Like 'Crisis'

Sen. Tim Scott Riffs On Biden After Divisive Speech, Says U.S. Needs Leader Who Can Unify Without 9/11-Like 'Crisis'

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott noted on Sunday that the country is in dire need of a leader who can unify Americans without having to do so following a major crisis.

Scott, in an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” made his remarks on the 21-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers, and heavily damaged the Pentagon.

Host Shannon Bream asked Scott if it should be considered a “pipe dream” to believe the country could be largely unified again without that kind of “crisis.”

“Not at all, Shannon,” Scott said. “The good news is that America always comes together after the crisis. I call it the aftermath mentality. Whether it’s 9/11, the most unified time I’ve seen in American history, or you look at South Carolina after the Mother Emanuel shooting.”

He then took a potshot at President Joe Biden in reference to his highly divisive speech last week in which he declared half the country threats to democracy.

“I believe that we are the most exceptional people on earth, and we do unify after the crisis. The question is, can we have the type of leadership that unifies us without a crisis,” Scott said. “And what we have not seen from the Biden administration is that type of unifying message that people rally around.”

But instead, Biden and Democrats are floating the fantasy that there is no inflation and handing out hundreds of billions in student loan repayment money that taxpayers will have to pick up.

“And why would we have the President of the United States deliver a soul-crushing speech that was unnecessary, polarizing, and inflammatory?” the senator asked in reference to Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, in which he lashed out at “MAGA Republicans” aligned with former President Donald Trump. “We have done better, we will do better, and that’s why elections have consequences.”

He also said leaders need to have “hard conversations with the American voters” that deal with “not red or blue solutions, but about American solutions.”

“If we were to have the tough issues and the tough conversations about the future of America, and not the future of Republicans or Democrats, we would actually earn the respect of the American people and let the voters make their own decisions,” he noted further.

Scott has been mentioned as a potential GOP presidential or vice presidential contender in 2024, though if Trump were to decide to get into the race, the nomination would most likely go to him, judging by polls over the past year.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to target Trump. He is “fighting multiple investigations, from claims that he stole nuclear codes, hid them at Mar-a-Lago, and violated the Espionage Act to allegations that he interfered with the 2020 elections,” American Wire reported.

So much for unity.


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