'Saturday Night Live' Alum Rob Schneider Yanked Off-Stage In Mid-Set For Being 'Offensive'

'Saturday Night Live' Alum Rob Schneider Yanked Off-Stage In Mid-Set For Being 'Offensive'

Former Saturday Night Live cast member, supporter of former President Donald Trump, and conservative comedian Rob Schneider was yanked off stage during his show for being too crass.

The Daily Caller reported that the event was a fundraiser for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, and some of the attendees thought his conduct was inappropriate.

The comedian was said to have had harsh comments about vaccines, women, and transgender people, which rankled attendees who apparently have not watched any of the comedian’s recent performances or interviews.

“Everyone in the room was groaning, saying, ‘What is going on?’ Like whispering to themselves. Not a single laugh at times,” attendee Tynan Allan said. “It was just very apparent how uncomfortable everyone felt and how unacceptable the things he was talking about were.”

“He’s been anti-vax throughout the pandemic, and he’s said transphobic things for years,” the attendee complained.

“I understand that you’re raising money, that you sometimes need to draw a crowd, but it doesn’t take a lot to vet people and specifically to vet people from a values-based perspective,” he said.

The comedian left the stage, and the organization issued an apology to the attendees.

“An unconditional apology was offered right after to our guests and our community,” the organization said.

“While we recognize that in a free and democratic society, individuals are entitled to their views and opinions and that comedy is intended to be edgy [but] the content, positions, and opinions expressed during Mr. Schneider’s set do not align with the values of our foundation and team,” the organization said in a message after the comedy set.

“We do not condone, accept, endorse or share Mr. Schneider’s positions, as expressed during his comedy set, and acknowledge that in this instance, the performance did not meet the expectations of our audience and our team,” it said.


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