San Fran Wants to Spend Millions to End Homelessness for Transgenders

San Fran Wants to Spend Millions to End Homelessness for Transgenders

San Francisco Mayor London Breed appears to have had enough of the homelessness rife within her city, so she’s proposing to do something about it.

Of course, her call to action comes with a woke twist.

In a bizarre appeal, Breed is proposing to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars just to get transgender homeless people off the street.

But wait — there can’t be that many transgendered homeless people in San Fran, right?

Correct. According to Fox News, city officials estimate only around 400 of the thousands of homeless living in camps on city streets and in parks are considered to be ‘transgender.’

The outlet reports:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Tuesday announced an ambitious plan to spend $6.5 million to end homelessness for transgender individuals in five years.

The mayor’s office will work with several city agencies and local non-profit groups to end homelessness for the estimated 400 transgender and gender nonconforming homeless people in the city, according to a news release from Breed’s office. The plan is included in her proposed two-year budget.

Transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming San Franciscans are eighteen times more likely to experience homelessness compared to the general population, and we know that the rates are even higher for our minority trans communities,” Breed said in a statement, without explaining how the city came up with those figures.

“With one of the largest TGNC populations in the country, we not only must ensure that all San Franciscans have access to housing and essential resources through continued investments, but we can show the country that we continue to be a leader on supporting and protecting our trans communities,” she added.

Breed’s plan, according to Fox News, includes spending $6 million over two years for 150 rental units through the city’s housing subsidy pool program, as well as an additional $500,000 for behavioral health services for transgenders who are either experiencing homelessness or are at risk of being homeless.

“This is a groundbreaking initiative that meets the needs of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals who are uniquely vulnerable to an array of health and safety challenges associated with unsheltered homelessness,” gushed Supervisor Matt Dorsey.

City officials further claimed that there is a racial component at play, with Fox News reporting that “transgender communities particularly impacts Black, Hispanic and other transgender women of color.”

San Fran, like other California cities, has been plagued by rising homelessness for years — so much so the state boasts the country’s highest homeless population. Along with the problem has come rampant open-air drug use, massive sanitation problems, urban blight, and a loss of tourism dollars, as well as spikes in criminal activity.

More than 100 people fatally overdosed on fentanyl in San Francisco hotels used to house the homeless between 2020 and 2021, according to Seattle radio host Jason Rantz in an interview with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in February.

“I would argue that ‘disaster’ is probably an understatement,” Rantz told host Tucker Carlson. “The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing poured $160 million into a program to create these homeless hotels. They turn hotel rooms into permanent supportive housing that ends up getting managed by various nonprofits, and it’s been a total failure.”

At about the same time, one homeless man said the city was actually paying him to remain homeless.



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