South Dakota Gov: Biden's Vaccine Mandate Costing US Jobs

South Dakota Gov: Biden's Vaccine Mandate Costing US Jobs

South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden’s Covid policies on Wednesday, after revealing that she has been in touch with a  business hoping to relocate to the United States, but has been unable to due to archaic border restrictions.

Noem said that there is a Canadian company that is already purchasing land in South Dakota without seeing the property, and is ready to move to the state, but is still unable to due to Biden’s border restrictions.

We would be growing even more if there wasn’t federal mandates preventing companies from coming here. President Biden just extended those mandates last week. We’re in touch with a company in Canada that wants to move their business to the Black Hills. I can’t share a lot of details with you yet, but we’re very excited about this company. They are currently buying property that they haven’t even seen in person, and this family and their business have suffered due to restrictions and vaccine mandates in Canada. Their daughter was expelled from university for refusing the vaccine.”

She continued: “They are ready to gain back their freedoms. They want to grow their business and improve their quality of life, right here in our state. The Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates are standing in their way. WE are going to help them, and help them start a new beginning right here in South Dakota, and embrace their freedom again.”

Last week, the Biden administration said it would be extending the enforcement of its vaccine mandate for travelers entering the country.

The CDC policy, which was set to expire on January 8, was extended until at least April 10. No date has been given as to when the mandate will lift, though it goes up for renewal every three months.

Several Canadian universities took approaches to Covid that included vaccine mandates.


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