Ron DeSantis Gets Authority, Funding To Send More Illegal Migrants North

Ron DeSantis Gets Authority, Funding To Send More Illegal Migrants North

Florida Republicans in the state legislature have handed GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis additional means to send illegal aliens who break into the country to destinations further north, where woke Democrats run “sanctuary cities.”

The State House approved SB 6-B Friday by a vote of 77-34, creating the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program. It appropriates $10 million to fund the transport of illegal migrants to other locations within the U.S., most likely blue states. The bill first passed the state Senate on Wednesday on a vote of 27-12, and now it heads to DeSantis, who is expected to sign it.

“People are sick of having an open border with no rule of law in this country,” the Washington Examiner quoted DeSantis as saying during a news conference earlier this week. “We can just sit here and do nothing about it, or we can actually stand up and say, ‘Whatever tools we have at our disposal, we are going to be using.'”

Newsmax reported:

In September 2022, DeSantis had two planes carrying 50 illegal migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, drawing national attention to the border crisis and raising the ire of Democrats in liberal cities and communities suddenly being prodded to provide shelterr and other necessities to the undocumented, the New York Times reported at the time.

Florida was following an example set by other Republican-controlled border states, l;ike Texas, that have been transporting illegal immigrants to Dem-led venues like New York City and Washington, D.C. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who complained that the surge of more than 40,000 illegals entering his city was a drain on resources, visited the border in January, calling for better “coordination.”

“Our cities are being undermined. And we don’t deserve this. Migrants don’t deserve this. And the people who live in the cities don’t deserve this,” Adams said as he wrapped up a weekend visit to El Paso on Jan. 16, according to The Associated Press. “We expect more from our national leaders to address this issue in a real way.”

Also this week, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, called out President Joe Biden and the administration for its open-border policies without first putting in place a plan to handle and deal with the massive influx of illegal aliens over the past two years.

“It was a mistake for President Biden to open the border without having a plan to handle the tremendous flow of people,” the New York Post reported Cuomo as saying in his latest “Matter of Fact” podcast. “President Biden had said he would do it in the campaign — but you can’t change a policy unless you have the program in place to manage the change.”

Biden’s Treasury Department is investigating if DeSantis misused COVID-19 relief funds to transport migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.


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