Rittenhouse Reveals His Next Target - And Liberals Will Hate It

Rittenhouse Reveals His Next Target - And Liberals Will Hate It

After a Kenosha jury found him not guilty of murder last month, Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, gave him some advice.

“He’s got a lot of big decisions to make about whether or not he goes to college and keeps his head down and gets on with his life or becomes a symbol for certain things that people would like him to be a symbol for,” Fox News anchor Martha McCallum said as she interviewed Richards following the verdict.

“Yeah, my advice would be to change his name and start his life over,” Richards replied. “He’s very recognizable right now.

“A lot of people that I don’t think have his best interests at heart. Probably want to make him a symbol of something I don’t think he wants to be necessarily associated with,” Richards continued.

But so far, Rittenhouse has not taken the opportunity to lay low. In fact, just the opposite; he’s been more or less high profile in the weeks since his trial ended, and his latest action is going to infuriate the same ‘criminal justice reform’ leftists who wanted to see him rot in prison for defending himself.

“There’s going to be some media accountability coming soon,” Rittenhouse told Fox News during an interview in Phoenix, Ariz., where he attended Turning Point USA’s “AmericaFest” event.

The network noted further:

Fox News had asked him whether he thought a trend was developing in which the media was starting to face consequences for its coverage of people like him and Nick Sandmann. Sandmann recently settled with a major network over its coverage of his viral confrontation with protester Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

“Good for him,” Rittenhouse said when asked about the settlement. 

Rittenhouse’s comments came just after he received cheers and applause at the AmericaFest conference in Phoenix, Arizona. He hasn’t announced any lawsuits against heavyweights like CNN, which also reached a settlement with Sandmann.

In the immediate wake of the trial, several people took to social media to urge Rittenhouse to do just that: Hold the disgustingly partisan and slanderous ‘mainstream media’ accountable for smearing him as a white supremacist, gun-toting militia nationalist, among other horrible — and incorrect — labels.

“Time for Kyle Rittenhouse to start suing lying corporate media pedo propagandists and Joe Biden himself,” conservative commentator and filmmaker Mike Cernovich tweeted.

“Now it’s time for Kyle Rittenhouse to SUE all the corporate media that slandered and libeled him, because as we can see from today’s verdict, they have relentlessly attacked an INNOCENT young man,” Breitbart News correspondent Alana Mastrangelo added.

“Never forget what they did to him,” Greg Price noted in a tweet containing screengrabs of other tweets disparaging Rittenhouse.

Others mentioned the Sandmann connection.

“Kyle Rittenhouse needs to Nick Sandmann all the people who defamed him RIGHT NOW,” comedian and Washington Times columnist Tim Young noted.

“Kyle Rittenhouse collapsed upon hearing the verdict in tears, as any 18-year-old would be in such a heavy situation. Shame on those who tried to claim his tears were fake. A completely disgraceful performance by the national media. The verdict was just if you watched the trial,” journalist Glenn Greenwald noted.


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