Fake Republican Rick Wilson And Joy Reid Laugh At 'Dumba**' Republicans

Fake Republican Rick Wilson And Joy Reid Laugh At 'Dumba**' Republicans

Rick Wilson has carved out a nice career for himself since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, by masquerading as a Republican.

He is a “Republican” who suddenly believes in everything the Democrats do, promotes Democrats in elections and is welcomed on every left wing talk show on television.

This week he joined MSNBC host Joy Reid in mocking conservative “red state” Americans by saying anyone who is not vaccinated is a “a dumb ass” and said she  dreamed of placing Republicans under a glass dome to create “a dumb ass-tuary.”

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And this idea that they`re now going to throw what is essentially a government subsidy at people because they didn`t take the responsible adult human step to get vaccinated so that their friends and their family and their mothers and their grandmothers and their relatives wouldn`t get sick and die from COVID, this, to me, I missed that part when I was reading — a young man reading Buckley and Hayek and Kirk and all the conservative greats.

“I missed the part about being a dumbass when it comes to trying to save people`s lives.,” Wilson, the co-founder of The Lincoln Project which has had more scandals than Joe Biden’s birthday cake has candles, said.

And then Reid talked about separating Republicans from the rest of the nation to “protect” everyone else.

“Yes, I mean, we almost would have been better off, rather than banning travel from South Africa and Botswana, to send them all of the vaccines that the people here won`t take,” she said.

“And then they all — the rest of the world could actually get over COVID. And, that way, we`d be better off.

“And, Rick, I mean, it`s almost like if we had a dome over the United States, the part of it that is like dumb ass-tuary, right, where people are living in there, killing their own constituents, getting their own constituents sick, willing to let people die, and even Trump can`t control it now. He gets booed when he says get vaccinated,” she said, to which Wilson responded, “Right” as they both laughed.

“So is there any way to crack that little dumb-estuary and let some people out? Or are they just going to stay in there, get sick and maybe die?” the host said.

“Well, look, you have got states like Florida now and Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana that`s basically Darwin`s waiting room,” Wilson responded mockingly.

“And these people are going to either decide they`re going to get vaccinated, or they`re going to — they`re going to continue to watch their friends and neighbors and their family members die off. This is not — the people who believe that COVID is something — it`s the common cold and the basic flu, they are mistaken.

“We have many hundreds of thousands of dead Americans right now in part because people on the Republican side of the equation discouraged vaccination. FOX News was an outright propaganda network against vaccination for months and months and months.

“And it has caused an enormous amount of damage in this country. And, unfortunately, pain is the only teacher in politics,” he said.

Wilson argued that these Republican voters would “die off” for not getting vaccinated.

“Yes, unfortunately, that`s what`s going on — and it`s their own voters, but I guess they figure there will be enough of them left to like watch the polls and intimidate black voters and make sure that they can`t vote. And they figure that`s all they need,” the host said.


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