Retribution? NYPD Targeting Texas Busses Dropping Migrants Off in NYC: Report

Retribution? NYPD Targeting Texas Busses Dropping Migrants Off in NYC: Report

Has Democratic Mayor Eric Adams ordered the NYPD to clamp down on Texas bus drivers ferrying illegal aliens into the city? It’s a question that comes immediately to mind following a New York Post report published on Friday.

Citing sources, the outlet noted that the department “pounced on buses bringing border-crossers to the Big Apple from Texas on Friday — part of a desperate effort to slow the overwhelming flow of thousands of migrants.”

Reporters for the outlet witnessed teams of NYPD Highway Patrol and Motor Carrier Safety Unit officers waiting near the Port Authority to pull over buses after they dropped migrants off beginning around 6:15 a.m. Officers then spent roughly an hour “meticulously searching each bus for any possible infractions, including log books, tire threads, fluid levels and even windshield wiper placement.”

The Post reported that some drivers were given tickets to appear in court but were allowed to leave. The outlet reported that several sources said the impetus behind the crackdown was to try and slow the flow of migrants into the city from border states like Texas and Arizona.

“Nothing is too minor to take them out of service,” one law-enforcement source told the outlet regarding Friday’s crackdown.

However, some of the drivers said the effort isn’t going to stop them or the bus companies from continuing to shuttle migrants into the city.

“I don’t care if the NYPD inspects us, we’ll keep making this trip because the money’s too good,” said one driver, called Misael, after getting four pink court appearance tickets, including one for a loose seatbelt.

“I’m with [Texas Gov.] Greg Abbott all the way. I don’t want migrants in my state. If [President] Biden wants the borders open, the Democrat states can take them,” the Dallas-based driver said.

“What would you do if someone came into your house because your neighbor keeps saying, ‘Welcome, welcome’? In Texas, we say stack ’em, pack ’em and ship ’em to New York,” he added.

The Post noted further:

The officers checked the driver’s log book as well as the bus’ headlights, indicators, hazard lights, wiper fluid, tire tread, brakes and tools.

After about an hour, they issued the drivers two pink tickets. The cops would not say what they were for, but one appeared to be over a loose windshield wiper.

Driver Robert Reis, 38, told the outlet that it was “the second time I have done this trip from Texas to New York.”

“The people on the bus were migrants from Venezuela and Ecuador” who were picked up “at a government building” in El Paso, he said. “The trip was 40, maybe 42 hours.”

He said he and another driver switched off after eight-hour shifts.

“I dropped off four passengers in Dallas, four more in Nashville and then 30 passengers got off in New York. There were families on my bus. They said the United States was their dream. They took pictures when we stopped for gas,” he said.

The Post said the police operation came just hours before Mayor Adams is expected to complain at a news conference about what he is calling an “unprecedented crisis” of an estimated 17,400 migrants having been sent to the city in recent months.

But of course, he won’t blame Joe Biden’s open-border policies for the crisis.


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