Republican Governors Lead the Way for Covid-19 Recovery While Democrats Crush the Economy

Republican Governors Lead the Way for Covid-19 Recovery While Democrats Crush the Economy

Republican Governors are leading the way when it comes to the nations recovery from Covid-19 while states ran by Democrats imposed the strictest lockdowns destroying most small businesses and jobs.

The Conservative Committee to Unleash Prosperity released two charts illustrating state unemployment rates, color-coded by party control. In these charts you can see that states ran by Republicans had the lowest unemployment rates, while states governed by Democrats suffered the most.

The Federalist reports:

California, ruled by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who locked his state down into oblivion while blowing off his own rules, has run the West Coast paradise into 9 percent unemployment, the third-highest in the country. Meanwhile, California’s kingmakers are fleeing in droves for red states that foster friendlier business climates, such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

New York, on the other hand, is not far ahead of California’s unemployment rate. There, Emperor Andrew Cuomo has run the state to 8.2 percent unemployment. Thanks to Cuomo, together with Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, residents are fleeing just as they did in California, taking many jobs and taxpayer dollars with them.

In contrast, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been vilified to no end by the corporate media for remaining light on lockdowns, has lead the Sunshine State to just more than 6 percent unemployment, below the national rate of 6.7 percent, while welcoming blue state migrants. Comparing the end result shows that Florida, despite lifting lockdowns early and remaining open, has fared far better than New York. Florida has seen 1,203 deaths per million as compared to the Empire State’s 2,207 per million.

South Dakota, meanwhile, governed by Republican Kristi Noem, who never implemented a statewide stay-home order, enjoys just 3 percent unemployment.

Many people have suffered and continue to suffer in blue controlled states which makes it no surprise that they are leaving in droves for red states. We can only hope that the ones fleeing these blue states that voted for these democrat representatives don’t bring their ideological mindsets with them.


Media Says No Proof Of Election Fraud, Well Here's 3 States Worth of Proof

Whether it’s the mainstream media, Twitter, Facebook or any other platform with a leftist agenda, all you hear is that there is “no evidence” of election fraud.

Well, the Data Integrity Group (DIG) has showcased a mountain of evidence across several states and has so far released videos with their findings on Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The goal of the group is to present irrefutable data. Sources for the raw data they used come from the Edison, Secretary of State, and SCYTL feeds which is what was used to certify the election totals.

Below is hard evidence from the data for those in the media and Democrats who continue to say there is no proof of fraud.


In this first slide the data scientists show negative votes across 15 counties in PA that total over 400,000 votes taken from President Trump. There is no question of whether or not this happened, this is the data used to verify the state–once again Edison, SOS and SCYTL data.

In the next two PA slides you can see in Allegheny County that absentee votes went up on a normal gradual scale for Joe Biden.

In Trumps slide you can see at the second time stamp there was an injection of 145,241 votes and then they are all taken away.

Trump’s Election Day votes in Allegheny  were taken away as well at five different time intervals throughout the night, totaling over 25,000 votes which is confirmed across multiple data sources.

Here is Chester County PA where President Trump saw major decreases in votes across absentee and Election Day votes:

Lehigh County PA saw an over 66,000 vote drop for Trump:

Philadelphia has a history of corruption and this election looks no different. In this slide you can see the data shows Biden received a 47:1 vote ratio over Trump. Trump received 2,152 votes to Biden’s 100,236. In 278 precincts in Philadelphia it would mean 97 out of 100 people voted for Joe Biden. Some precincts showed 99% for Biden.


In Bibb County, GA you can see there was an exact vote switch between Trump and Biden of 12,173, giving Biden the lead.

When we asked local residents about these numbers in DeKalb they said it’s impossible that 9 out of 10 people voted for Biden in their county.

Fulton County seems to have as much corruption as Philadelphia. But strictly looking at the data, 170 out of 384 precincts in Fulton County voted 90% or more for Joe Biden.

Trump received only 9% of Election Day votes and 4% of absentee in Fulton. There were several counties that reported 100% for Biden. These numbers represent statistical anomalies that do not exist in normal behavioral patterns.


As you can see all the gray bars are relatively even, which is what you would encounter with normal vote distribution. Statistically speaking, the blue bars, which all represent the first batch of absentee votes for Biden, should be roughly in line with the grey bars. Instead the massive difference in votes between the first batch and the rest implies a potential front load of votes for Biden in order to secure his win in the state.

Questions and rebuttals arose that these spikes in the first drop came because more people early voted for Biden, but our second slide shows that there was an even amount of requests by  Republicans for early vote ballots and an even amount of returns by Republicans which throws that argument out. Also these large early vote drops were not consistent across the state.

In order to make those numbers work Biden would have to have received 100% of the Democrats, 100% of the Independents and a large portion of the Republicans.

Sources confirm that 95% of registered republicans voted for Trump.


There is a large group of data scientist that are working on this data around the clock to showcase all the irregularities within the election.

Information on more states is still to come, including data on down ticket races.

BREAKING: Shocking Video From Data Scientists Exposes Major Election Night "Errors"

A video outlining major election night “errors” is going viral on social media.

In the video, data scientists show nine different drastic vote swings in a matter of 20 minutes in the state of Pennsylvania.

In one instance, between 9:15 p.m. ET and 9:18 p.m. ET, 300,000 votes were magically added for Biden.

John Basham tweeted about the video, “BREAKING: VIDEO- Data Scientists Identify Huge Vote Shift Across Multiple States On Election Night. Vote Counts Went Backward For @realDonaldTrump & Votes Were Shifted From Trump To Biden Across Multiple States, Counties, & Precincts!”

Watch as votes for President Trump seem to disappear, and ask yourself: Did your vote count? How many times or at all? How many errors are too many? When do votes ever go negative? Who is responsible for all of these mistakes? Don’t we have a right to know?


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