Republican Running Against AOC Wants Federal Death Penalty 'For Cop Killers'

Republican Running Against AOC Wants Federal Death Penalty 'For Cop Killers'

A Republican candidate running against far-left ‘Squad’ member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York said he wants to see a federal statute mandating the death penalty “for cop killers.”

New York 14th Congressional District candidate Desi Cuellar’s comments come as an army of NYPD officers bid farewell to Det. Jason Rivera who was gunned down last week while he and his partner, Officer Wilbert Mora, responded to a call involving domestic violence.

Mora died from his wounds a few days later; Rivera was posthumously promoted to Detective First Grade.

“So-called progressives like @AOC have created a culture where it’s okay for criminals to run the streets and even kill cops. When I’m elected to Congress, I will introduce a bill to federally mandate the death penalty for cop killers,” Cuellar tweeted.

The tweet also contains a video where Cuellar declares that “Crime is rampant in this country because our spineless politicians don’t have the guts to stand up to the criminal underworld.”

“Nobody in politics on the left cares about holding back the criminals, all they care about is holding back the police,” Cuellar said, according to Fox News.

“The problem we face today is that the mindset of the modern criminal is one that understands that they will not face severe consequences for their violent actions,” he said, according to the outlet. “And honestly, it feels like we are getting a lack of action on this crisis from both sides of the aisle. Everyone needs to wake up.”

Dominique Luzuriaga, Rivera’s grieving widow, laid the blame on the left-wing lunatic ‘law enforcers’ in New York (and other Democrat-run cities) who continue to impose their ‘social justice’ ideology rather than punish criminals.

“The system continues to fail us,” Luzuriaga said. “We are not safe anymore. Not even the members of the service.”

She went on to talk about how her husband was “tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new D.A.” — who is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. On his first day in office, he put out a memo essentially saying his office was not going to prosecute even some violent crimes, and directing his prosecutors to seek as little jail time as possible for any crime.

Meanwhile, to that very point, the New York Post reported on Friday:

A 16-year-old, up-and-coming rapper charged with shooting an NYPD cop in the Bronx walked free on bond Thursday — and cops are fuming over it.

Camrin Williams, who is also known by the rap name C Blu, posted his $250,000 bond after being locked up at a Brooklyn juvenile facility on gun and assault charges in the shooting of a 27-year-old cop in Belmont.

“If anybody wants to know why we have a crisis of violence in this city, or why we’re about to bury two hero police officers, look no further than this disgraceful bail release,” NYPD Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

“This individual chose to carry illegal guns twice,” Lynch said. “He chose to fight with and shoot a New York City police officer. There’s no reason to believe he won’t do the exact same thing when he’s out on the street tonight.

“Shame on Judge Denis Boyle for allowing this to happen,” he added. “The people of the Bronx won’t be safe as long as he’s on the bench.”

Our cities are collapsing into criminal sanctuaries, making it more likely that in the near future citizens will start implementing their own justice, which also won’t turn out well.


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