Report: Trump Has Decided To Run In 2024 But Timing Of Announcement Still Under Wraps

Report: Trump Has Decided To Run In 2024 But Timing Of Announcement Still Under Wraps

Former President Donald Trump has been teasing another White House run in 2024, but according to a report this week, he appears to have made his mind up.

He’s going to run, but he’s not yet decided when to make his decision formal.

In an interview published on Thursday, the 45th president indicated that he has made up his mind on the highly anticipated comeback in talking with New York magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

“Look, I feel very confident that, if I decide to run, I’ll win,” Trump said.

“Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore. In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision,” Trump said.

“I would say my big decision will be whether I go before or after,” he added. “You understand what that means?”

“Do I go before or after? That will be my big decision,” he said, a reference to the upcoming midterm elections in November.

“Let people know. I think a lot of people would not even run if I did that because, if you look at the polls, they don’t even register. Most of these people. And I think that you would actually have a backlash against them if they ran. People want me to run,” he said.

Earlier on his Truth Social platform, Trump teased what appears to be a comeback by posting a link to a story by American Greatness that claimed: “Trump can win the general election in 2024, against Biden or whoever the Democrats decide to put up there.”

BizPac Review adds:

This week, Trump released a statement on the latest horrific economic numbers showing that inflation was at a whopping 9.1 percent last month, the worst in 40 years, in which he blasted President Joe Biden and Democrats for the crushing pain that high prices have inflicted on Americans, a perfect argument to present to voters who were enjoying prosperity, low gas prices and optimism for their futures under his presidency.

“Inflation just hit ANOTHER 40-year high of 9.1%, which is terrible for our Country. Fuel prices up 60%, Airfare up 34%, Eggs up 33%—how can people survive this? How can businesses survive this?” Trump noted in a statement issued via his Save America PAC.

“Our Country is so weak right now because the Radical Left Democrats have no clue what they are doing. All they want to do is ‘get Trump,’ and they are willing to destroy our Nation to do it. America will not allow this to go on for much longer,” he added. “Don’t vote for the Radical Left Democrats, vote for America First Republicans—Save America!”

Earlier this month, The New York Times published a story claiming that the former president would make his formal announcement well before the midterms, which several GOP strategists and insiders think is a bad idea.

“The timing of a formal announcement from Mr. Trump remains uncertain. But he recently surprised some advisers by saying he might declare his candidacy on social media without warning even his own team, and aides are scrambling to build out basic campaign infrastructure in time for an announcement as early as this month,” the paper reported.

Trump responded by calling the report “fake news,” but he did not elaborate.

“12 wins & zero losses this week (Mary Miller won against all odds), 33 & 0 in Texas, 132 & 7 this cycle — there has never been anything like ‘our’ endorsement — and the Fake News New York Times writes that I may announce an early presidential run because I haven’t done well with my endorsements,” Trump fired back at the Times on Saturday morning in a Truth Social post.

“Actually, doing better than ever, breaking all records. We are dealing with very sick, bad people in the fake news media,” he continued.


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