Rand Paul GOES OFF on Fauci, Demands Answers About Royalties from Pharmaceutical Companies

Rand Paul GOES OFF on Fauci, Demands Answers About Royalties from Pharmaceutical Companies

Sen. Rand Paul accused health officials of not taking previous infections into consideration when evaluating COVID-19 vaccination.

Paul suggested that there could be a reason for the blindspot, with the government vaccine committee members having not disclosed if there will be any royalties to vaccine companies. Paul said that the GOP will investigate the matter if the GOP takes the Senate in November’s midterm elections.

“We’ve been asking you and you refused to answer whether anybody on the vaccine committees gets royalties from the pharmaceutical companies,” Paul said to Dr. Anthony Fauci during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing Wednesday. “I asked you last time, and what was your response? We don’t have to tell you. We’ve demanded them through the Freedom of Information Act. And what have you said? We’re not going to tell you. But I tell you this, when we get in charge, we’re going to change the rules and you will have to divulge where you get your royalties from, from what companies, and if anybody in the committee has a conflict of interest, we’re going to learn about it. I promise you that.”

Fauci responded to Paul by saying that the committees are advisory committees with the FDA and CDC.

Paul said that Fauci has refused to say which companies have given him royalties or royalties to other scientists, to which Fauci said that “they are not my committees.”

Paul has called into question the potential of royalties from pharmaceutical companies and has claimed that Fauci and other health officials were not actually following the science because they were not looking at prior infections as a factor.

Paul requested Fauci “why that same idea does not appear to be reflected in the government’s approach to COVID-19,” reports Fox News.

“Currently, antibody surveys show that 80 percent of children, approximately 80 percent of children, have had COVID, and yet there are no guidelines coming from you or anybody in the government to take into account their naturally acquired immunity,” said Paul.

“So when we look at this, we wonder, you know, why you seemed to really embrace basic immunology back in 2004, how you or why you seem to reject it now,” said Paul.


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