Prosecutors Drop Murder Charge Against Unlicensed Security Guard Who Shot, Killed 'Patriot Rally' Demonstrator

Prosecutors Drop Murder Charge Against Unlicensed Security Guard Who Shot, Killed 'Patriot Rally' Demonstrator

If you want to know why blue cities and the Democrats who run them are crumbling into dangerous cesspools of crime and deprivation, what prosecutors in Denver just decided to do is explanation enough.

They will be dropping a murder charge against an unlicensed ‘security guard’ who shot and killed a demonstrator at a “Patriot Rally” in the city in October 2020, a shooting that was caught on video at the time.

“Matthew Robert Dolloff was charged with second degree murder after he killed with 49-year-old Lee Keltner,” The Blaze reported. “Dolloff’s attorney Doug Richards said that Denver District Attorney Beth McCann planned to dismiss the charges during a pre-trial conference on March 21.”

“In line with our ethical obligations, we cannot overcome the legal justifications of self-defense or defense of others. We are not able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” said the office of the district attorney.

The Blaze adds:

Dolloff was working as an unlicensed private security guard for KUSA-TV during the contentious protest and BLM-Antifa counterprotest when he got into an altercation with Keltner. Video shows Keltner hitting him in the head, after which Dolloff pulls his weapon and shoots once as Keltner sprayed him with pepper spray.

Doug Richards, the defense attorney for Dolloff, argued that his client was acting in self-defense when he killed Keltner.

“Matt was acting in self-defense. Matt put his life and now his liberty in between the now-deceased and the 9News employee,” Richards previously stated. “This was not a political assignment for Matt. This was simply Matt protecting your employee.”

Some on social media accused Dolloff of being a member of Antifa, but a subsequent police investigation found no such evidence.

Keltner’s son Johnathon Keltner said that his dad had gone to the rally to show support for the police.

“He wasn’t a part of any group,” he said of his father. “He was there to rally for the police department and he’d been down there before rallying for the police department.”

Dolloff was reportedly facing as much as 48 years in prison if he had been convicted of the murder charge.

Keltner’s family took to social media after he was killed.

“This is Lee’s Wife Kevin Keltner. Right now I am absolutely lost for words on what happened yesterday. My heart is broken. The police have reached out to me. Right now I can’t say a lot. But I can will let everyone know. Will post all the funeral arrangement on this page. Think everyone for all the wonderful post,” she wrote on Facebook.

In addition to being a veteran, Keltner designed hats. The video below allegedly shows him speaking about his craft:


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