Professor Says ‘Climate Anxiety’ Form of ‘White Fragility’ and Poll Shows it’s Mostly Democrats

Professor Says ‘Climate Anxiety’ Form of ‘White Fragility’ and Poll Shows it’s Mostly Democrats

Chairwoman of the Environmental Studies Department at Humboldt State University is making sure environmentalism isn’t left out of the ‘woke’ movement, declaring global warming has racist overtones.

In March, chairwoman Sarah Jaquette Ray wrote in Scientific American, “climate change and its effects- pandemics, pollution, natural disasters – are not universally or uniformly felt: the people and communities suffering most are disproportionately Black, Indigenous and people of color.”

“It is no surprise then that U.S. surveys show that these are the communities most concerned about climate change” Ray added. “I have been struck by the fact that those responding to the concept of climate anxiety are overwhelmingly white. … If people of color are more concerned about climate change than white people, why is the interest in climate anxiety so white?”

Ray continues, “Is climate anxiety a form of white fragility or even racial anxiety? Put another way, is climate anxiety just code for white people wishing to hold onto their way of life or get ‘back to normal,’ to the comforts of their privilege?”

“The white response to climate change is literally suffocating to people of color,” she added. So what should White people do? Ray advises, “Instead of asking ‘What can I do to stop feeling so anxious?’, ‘What can I do to save the planet?’ and ‘What hope is there?’, people with privilege can be asking ‘Who am I?’ and ‘How am I connected to all of this?”

However, Tampa Free Press notes it is white Democrats who Ray needs to take issue with. “Based on the polling by Resources, the questions posed by Ray would seem better directed at white Democrats, who, based on her reasoning, seem to be the racists in this scenario by exhibiting a far greater share of the ‘climate anxiety’ than Republicans do.”

Tampa Free Press reports:

As indicated by a new article in Scientific American – which is showing of late that it’s getting more political than scientific – the fingers pointing out the racism in American society are increasingly pointing to the left.

The foundation for this can be found in a study released last December by Resources magazine.
The publication conducted a poll that found Democrats and Republicans both hold “green” opinions. But it is Democrats who are more zealous and extreme in their beliefs.

“Particularly intriguing is the statistic that 76% of Democrats believe that unchecked global warming will hurt them personally at least a moderate amount, but only 26% of Republicans believe the same,” Resources noted.
That’s the kicker, relative to Scientific American.

More than 70 percent of the respondents to the Resources poll were white, according to its methodology. This means that even if whites make up a larger share of the GOP respondents, relative to Democrats, the Democrats in the poll included a considerable number of whites. To underscore that point, the pollsters noted that only 8 percent of their respondents were black.

So in other words, Resources found that white liberals were particularly vexed by how global warming might affect them personally.


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