Principal Schemes to Silence “Whacko” Parents Who Reject Critical Race Theory Curriculum

Principal Schemes to Silence “Whacko” Parents Who Reject Critical Race Theory Curriculum

A principal has been caught referring to parents who don’t want their children to be taught the critical race theory curriculum “whackos.” The Young American’s Foundation reported on the occurrence at the Desert Valley Elementary School in Arizona, where parents spoke out against the CRT curriculum at a school board meeting in December.

Reacting to the parents, Principal Tonja Neve sent emails referring to these parents as “whackos” and was trying to find ways to silence the “pushy voices” from being able to speak out against the curriculum.

Copies of the emails were obtained by the Young American’s Foundation (YAF) via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Neve wrote in one email, “that board meeting was ridiculous. I’m sick of us giving these whackos a platform to spread propaganda without making any correction statements.”

Neve emailed Jennifer Mundy who helped create the race-based curriculum for the school’s students, saying she was looking into ways to silence the “pushy voices.” When the YAF contacted the School District, they said they were unaware of any attempt to silence parents over curriculum.

Chief Communications Officer Danielle Airey told YAF in a statement, “we do not support the name-calling you’re referencing in this email and have follow-up accordingly with this staff member once this was brought to our attention.” The spokesman also noted Neve has “taken a position outside of our district for next school year and will no longer be serving our district.”

RedState states this is “another drop in the bucket of examples on how our public school system has been invaded by hard-left radicals that wish to brainwash your children into believing racist concepts that paint America in a horrible light.”

Texas School Board Overwhelmingly Votes In Opponents of ‘Critical Race Theory’

A Texas school board of Southlake won a huge victory for those who oppose ‘critical race theory.’ In an election over the weekend, voters “sent a resounding message against the plan at the weekend election – with the two school board positions as well as mayor and city council seats going to opponents of the ‘cultural competence,’ with each getting almost 70 percent of the vote” reports The New York Post.

The Southlake Families PAC that supported the winning candidates in the suburb 30 miles northwest of Dallas Tweeted “Critical Race Theory ain’t coming here.” The group also stated of the victory, “this is what happens when good people stand up and say, not in my town, not on my watch.”

The New York Post reports:

The elections in Southlake on Saturday were so divisive that backers of the new anti-racism measures called on the Department of Justice to intervene — and even pop star Demi Lovato ripped opponents of the plan.

“It is horrifying to see how some of the parents … are literally FIGHTING to uphold white supremacy and are resisting the anti-racism work that is so needed,” she tweeted in January, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram noted.

Opponents, however, told a series of heated meetings for the Carroll school district that the plan created “diversity police” — and was effectively “reverse racism” pushing a “left-wing agenda,” the Dallas Morning News previously reported.

They even went to court and won a temporary restraining order to stop implementation, the paper noted.

Lawyer Hannah Smith is one of the newly elected board members who called it “a referendum on those who put personal politics and divisive philosophies ahead of…students and families and their common American heritage and Texas values.”

In a statement to NBC, Smith said “the voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore unity.”


A Bill Pushing Left Leaning Politics Into the Classroom in Illinois Has Officially Passed

In an article we previously wrote concerning the Illinois State Board of Education passing a bill called “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards  has officially been upheld by the Illinois Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR).

Some of the new standards include teachers assessing “how their biases affect how they access tools to mitigate their own behavior (racism, sexism, homophobia, unearned privilege, Eurocentrism, etc.)”

Bettina L. Love is a prominent advocate of Critical Race Theory in education and she believes “White Teachers Need Anti-Racist Therapy.”

If teachers do not do so voluntarily the new standards would allow schools to force teachers into therapy for their whiteness , along with punishing them with a loss of license and certification if complaints are made about them not adopting “progressive” ideologies. Teaching about “systemic racism” will be required as well.

Fox Illinois reports:

Some Republican lawmakers voiced their opposition to the standards earlier this month, saying they add unnecessary politics to the classroom.

Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris, said she asked ISBE to include more diverse perspectives on their task forces to avoid standards like this from being so controversial in the future, and said the board made some of the changes Republicans asked for.

Rezin said her office got an unusually high number of calls and emails about these standards.

These new teaching standards will take effect in October 2025.

Some lawmakers were not happy with the decision including Republican Candidate for Governor and Former Senator Paul Schimpf:

“I am extremely disappointed that JCAR approved the State Board of Education’s Culturally Responsive Teacher Standards. These standards politicize the teacher certification process and undermine the authority of local school boards, superintendents, and parents to control their children’s’ education. This is yet another example of top-down, administrative overreach by the Pritzker Administration and illustrates a clear example of why Illinois needs a new governor.”




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