Pricey Chicago Private School Bragged About Injecting Critical Race Theory Into Physics Beginning in 2016

Pricey Chicago Private School Bragged About Injecting Critical Race Theory Into Physics Beginning in 2016

A private school in Chicago that runs $40,000 per year per student reportedly began inserting critical race theory curriculum into physics classes as early as 2016 and then tracked students’ attitudes to the materials to gauge their success.

According to emails obtained by The Federalist from The Latin School of Chicago, former director Elizabeth Denevi introduced the materials to ninth-grade students called “Social Justice in Physics” roughly six years ago.

One email addressed to parents explained that the course aimed to “address power dynamics, systematic racism, white privilege and the shortage of people of color and women in the field of science, especially physics.”

The Federalist notes:

The curriculum mentioned was constructed by Moses Rifkin, a science teacher from Seattle. His current bio on the extremist Southern Poverty Learning Center-backed Learning for Justice website explains that Rifkin “coaches white affinity groups” and “is particularly interested in helping those with privileged identities … understand their privilege and the role they can and must play in working for social justice.”

The email also noted that the effectiveness of the CRT teaching was tracked, with students taking identical surveys before and after being taught the curriculum “in order to track any change in beliefs.”

The email said that students were asked to rate how much they believed in the following statements, among others: “American society fits my definition of racist,” and “Talking about race makes me uncomfortable.”

“White Americans must recognize that justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society,” another statement said.

Just a few months after the Latin School of Chicago implemented the highly divisive CRT curriculum, Denevi co-founded an organization called “Teaching While White,” a left-wing construct that not only demonizes white people but also defends political violence.

The group’s website states that it “seeks to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom.”

Teaching While White claims on its website that “since racism was created by and for White people, it is our responsibility to dismantle it.”

The organization also operates a wing called STAR — Students Teaching Anti-Racism. In its FAQ section, STAR defends the use of violence to advance political objectives, stating that “protesters sometimes feel they need to resort to violence to draw needed attention to their cause.”

It also parroted the blatant left-wing lie that “white people can not experience racism” while going on to claim that racial bias against white applicants in hiring or admission decisions as it relates to affirmative action policies is not really discriminatory in any way.

If there is any good news in any of this, it’s that parents — liberals, conservatives, and those in between — are fed up with the blatant racial division and indoctrination.

In purple-trending-blue Virginia last fall, three Republicans were elected to the state’s top jobs — governor, lt. governor, and attorney general — on campaigns aimed at specifically pushing back against the creeping ‘wokeism’ of the left in school curriculum.

And it deep-blue San Francisco, voters there recently recalled three school board members for similar reasons: Focusing on renaming schools, taking down historically significant murals, and injecting race into literally everything rather than open schools back up as the pandemic waned.

The pushback needs to continue because the far-left never stops trying to move the ball down the field.


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