Pompeo: China Infiltrating U.S. Government, Businesses and Schools

Pompeo: China Infiltrating U.S. Government, Businesses and Schools

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not mince words in an interview today when he said that Communist China is infiltrating American schools, governments and businesses and represents the “single greatest threat” to the United States.

When asked by Breitbart Radio’s Alex Marlow about the recent reports of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) database leak, Pompeo responded,“We’ve seen this everywhere, and President Trump’s been the first President of the United States, and, frankly, one of the first global leaders to identify this challenge from the Chinese Communist Party.”sa I spoke about this in the context of our educational institutions at Georgia Tech last week, where they have infiltrated our schools and they spend money on research projects and so co-opt our institutions that are higher learning and research. They now infiltrate – we’ve seen this – into our government, into our businesses. President Trump called this out. We’ve begun to push back against it; there’s a lot more work to do. But make no mistake: the Chinese Communist Party presents the single greatest threat to the United States of America of our times.”

When asked about reports of an alleged Chinese spy’s infiltration of House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) office, Pompeo claimed that China was “running influence operations against members of Congress [and] governors.”

“This is a determined, long term, committed effort from General Secretary Xi Jinping, and President Trump has been the first one to say ‘enough’ and begun to push back against it by doing things like closing the Chinese consulate in Houston now a few months back,” he continued.

To listen to the full interview, click HERE.


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