Philadelphia School District Allows Kids To Change Gender, Parents Have No Say

Philadelphia School District Allows Kids To Change Gender, Parents Have No Say

Schools are slowly edging parents out of decisions involving their own kids. Whether it be abortions, vaccines or, now, gender identity parents are an afterthought.

The school district of Philadelphia is now allowing students to change the gender they identify as and parents are not part of the conversation, ABC News Philadelphia reported.

“We do understand that today a lot of individuals do not identify with the gender to which they were born,” School District of Philadelphia spokesperson Monica Lewis said.

The students are allowed to fill out a form and state the gender they identify as.

“It really is as simple as downloading the form and then identifying with whichever gender, whether it’s male, female or the non-binary option,” the spokesperson said.

The preference that the student chooses will be used in school tools like Google Classroom and in school-facing systems that include report cards and school district records.

The change will not be reflected in state records. Pennsylvania is still required to record information that correlates with a student’s legal birth certificate.

The new non-binary option falls in line with the school district’s Policy 252.

“Policy 252 is a policy we have in place to affirm the rights of students who are transgender,” she said.

“Regardless of the number,” she said. “(the goal is) that any child feels like they are safe and they belong.”

The students are allowed to change their gender, or choose nonbinary, sans legal documentation or any type of permission from their parent or legal guardian.

The Attic Youth Center, which focuses on LGBTQ+ young people, executive director John Fisher-Klein said that he knows the lack of permission from parents or guardians could be an issue for some, but he had some advice for them.

“I would make a plea to the parent,” he said. “And that plea would be to create a space where your child can be authentically themselves.”

“As we begin to be a more inclusive society and open up more, you’re going to see more than one percent,” he said.

Well, John, how are they going to “create a space,” whatever that means in 2021 newspeak, if they are not aware of their kid’s desire to change their identity?

Philadelphia is not alone. New York City has a similar form for students and in Los Angeles students can be defined as nonbinary, but they would have to be enrolled that way by their parents.

School District of Philadelphia Superintendent Dr. William Hite penned a letter to parents in which he said the new policy is “an important step forward in our effort to become a more equitable and inclusive school district.”

If you want to be more inclusive maybe start including the parents.


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