Ontario Backtracks on Totalitarian COVID Policies After Police Refuse to Enforce Them

Ontario Backtracks on Totalitarian COVID Policies After Police Refuse to Enforce Them

COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, Canada have become so strict, the police have refused to enforce them, forcing officials to backtrack on some of their totalitarian policies.

The Blaze writes that Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the following restrictions last week: “The restrictions ban residents from gathering with people outside of their household and prohibit most outdoor activities, even limiting outdoor gatherings among people from the same household. Playgrounds were made off-limits for Ontario children. Restaurants and gyms remain closed, and schoolchildren will continue to receive their education via distance learning. Of course, social distancing and face masks are still required.”

At a press conference, Ford said, “We have implemented the strictest measures in all of North America. But we have never shied away from doing what’s necessary.”

Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said the new policies would expand law enforcement’s authority, enabling them to require anyone who is not in their homes to “provide their purpose for not being at home and provide their home address.” 

Police would also be allowed to stop any vehicle and ask why they are not at home. 

In response to the new policies, Toronto police stated its officers would not randomly stop people to question their plans.

“New emergency orders announced yesterday to help limit the spread of COVID-19 are now in effect. The Toronto Police Service will continue to engage, educate and enforce, but we will not be doing random stops of people or cars,” the Toronto Police wrote on Twitter.

According to the Post Millennial, 39 out of 45 police agencies throughout the province said they would not conduct random stops. 

Since these announcements, a spokesman for the solicitor general said COVID-19 enforcement measures have been “refocused.” 

“We have refocused O.Reg 8/21 Enforcement of COVID-19 Measures: If a police officer or other provincial offences officer has reason to suspect that you are participating in an organized public event or social gathering, they may require you to provide information to ensure you are complying with restrictions. Every individual who is required to provide a police officer or other provincial offences officer with information shall promptly comply,” said the spokesman.

Ford also announced a rollback of its playground restrictions.

“Ontario’s enhanced restrictions were always intended to stop large gatherings where spread can happen,” he wrote on Twitter. “Our regulations will be amended to allow playgrounds but gatherings outside will still be enforced. Play outside safely. Parents keep your distance & wear masks if you can’t.”

Stanford Doc: Lockdowns are “Biggest Public Health Mistake” Ever Made

Stanford University Medical School professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya called the COVID-19 lockdowns “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made” and says the harm it causes to society is “catastrophic.”

In an interview with the Dialy Clout, as reported by Newsweek, Battacharya said the lockdowns are having a devastating effect on both short and long-term public health.

The Stanford doctor is behind the Great Barrington Declaration, a petition signed by thousands of medical professionals and practitioners, which calls for an end to the lockdowns.

In the interview, Bhattacharya said the declaration stems from “two basic facts.”

“One is that people who are older have a much higher risk from dying from COVID than people who are younger…and that’s a really important fact because we know who his most vulnerable, it’s people that are older. So the first plank of the Great Barrington Declaration: let’s protect the vulnerable. The other idea is that the lockdowns themselves impose great harm on people. Lockdowns are not a natural normal way to live.”

He also pointed to the disparate effect the lockdowns have based on socioeconomic status: “People who are poor face much more hardship from the lockdowns than people who are rich,” he said. 

The impact the lockdowns is having on children appears to be quite devastating. According to a recent report, from January 2020 to November 2020, self-harm claims have risen by 333 percent and overdoses have gone up by 120 percent among 13 to 18 year-olds.

In an email to Newsweek, Bhattacharya said, “I stand behind my comment that the lockdowns are the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years. We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation.”

“At the same time,” he wrote, “they have not served to control the epidemic in the places where they have been most vigorously imposed. In the US, they have – at best – protected the ‘non-essential’ class from COVID, while exposing the essential working class to the disease. The lockdowns are trickle down epidemiology.”

For the full report, click HERE.

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Will Lose "Freedom to Move Around" If They Refuse The Vaccine

If you live in Ontario, be prepared to lose your “freedom to move around” if you refuse the Covid-19 vaccine, according to Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

When asked if he would make vaccines mandatory, Dr. David Williams said “we can’t force someone to take a vaccine”, but went on to say that if you wanted “ease of getting in to certain settings” you would have to show proof of vaccination or be forced to wear personal protective equipment.

Summit News reports:

As we previously highlighted, governments do not have to make the vaccine mandatory, they can simply make life unlivable for people who refuse to take the vaccine.

If bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports venues, airlines, employers and others all make the vaccination a mandatory condition of service, anyone who refuses to take it will be reduced to a personal form of de facto lockdown with their social lives and mobility completely stunted.

Countries around the world sound like they are easing themselves into dictatorships.




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