NYC Mayor Eric Adams Cannot Handle Migrant Influx: Staffer

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Cannot Handle Migrant Influx: Staffer

An aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that he cannot handle the influx of migrants to the city and that the amount of illegals is making the city “broke.”

The illegals, sent mainly from Texas by Governor Greg Abbott, are driven up by bus every week, with City Hall staffer Chris Baugh saying that it has “flooded” New York’s system. Baugh was caught saying so much in new video by undercover journalists at Project Veritas.

“I think what Abbott has done has proven effective … We have more people in social services than we have ever had potentially in history,” he says.

“Ultimately [the city is] struggling to comply with our own law, the ‘right to shelter’ law.”

“We’re asking for it,” said Baugh in reference to federal dollars, “but I don’t think there’s federal help to be offered.

“I don’t think [President Joe] Biden is in a position where he is going to be like, ‘OK New York, here’s a billion dollars,” audio obtained by the New York Post reveals.

Baugh reveals that staff would have quit working for the mayor if Adams if the mayor decided to put a cap on the number of migrants being accepted into the city.

“The optics of this are bad for Biden and they’re bad for the mayor. “I think Biden saying I’m going to give away money to New York City because they can’t take care of these migrants is going to be just bad politics for him — and frankly I don’t know how much Biden is going to appreciate a mayor saying, ‘hey you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis’.”

“Eventually it’s going to make Biden look bad which we’re a month out from the midterms and he’s not going to like that.

“It’s a very perilous situation … and I don’t know that Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it.”

Baugh says that there is no plan in place for the migrants, and that the mayor does not want to raise taxes on citizens but that therea re few options left.

“This city has a ‘right to shelter’ law. Republicans are like, ‘here’s 11,000 people we don’t want to deal with’ and our laws state we have to take care of them. That’s the law of the city [but they are] not telling us when these people are coming, they’re not telling us when the buses are arriving, they’re not telling us who’s on them . . .

“We’re building a tent city. We’re parking these people in plastic tents on Randalls Island. They’re not getting good stuff. We’re kicking them out of hotels because it’s tourist season and hotels want to raise their rates.”


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