Nose-Only Masks Are the Latest Invention from Researchers to Fight COVID While Eating

Nose-Only Masks Are the Latest Invention from Researchers to Fight COVID While Eating

Mexican researchers have created a mask to be worn on your nose while you’re eating and drinking to decrease the risk of catching COVID-19.

A Reuters report states the researchers believe the nose mask will provide “some” protection from the virus while eating meals. They say removing masks to eat and drink leaves people vulnerable to catching the disease. 

Reuters writes:

According to Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.A., cells that give people a sense of smell are a key entry point for coronavirus, making nose coverings like these important.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people wear a face mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin.

This isn’t the first ridiculous concept developed in order to enable people to wear masks while eating. The Daily Caller points out that last year, an Israeli company created a mask with a “lever-operated opening” that can open while diners take bites and then close while they chew.

How long will it be until Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC advocate for double nose-only masks to be worn while dining?

Frontline Doctors Summit: Surgeon Explains Mask Science vs. Myth

Dr. Lee Merritt, a fellowship-trained orthopedic spinal surgeon gave a compelling presentation at this weekend’s America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit where she outlined both the science and myths behind masks.

From explaining what doctors are taught in medical school about mask use to the ineffectiveness behind the face coverings for COVID-19 prevention, Merritt torpedoes the arguments by government doctors like Anthony Fauci (NIH) and Robert Redfield (CDC).

Watch the presentation that is bound to make Dr. Fauci’s head spin above.

Gov. DeSantis Points Out Media Double Standards When It Comes to Masking

Gov. Ron DeSantis called out the double standards with establishment media when it comes to wearing masks, pointing out that they only care about proper mask wearing if the violators are people they “don’t like”

Mainstream media continues to harp on the fact that Super Bowl celebrators were not wearing masks. While being questioned by reporters on Wednesday, DeSantis said, “You guys really love that. You don’t care as much if it’s a ‘peaceful protest.’” Then it’s fine.” You don’t care as much if they’re celebrating a Biden election. You only care about it if it’s people you don’t like. I’m a Bucs fan. I’m damn proud of what they did on Sunday night.”

Breitbart reports:

DeSantis’s claim of selective outrage from members of the establishment media holds true, as Democrat officials largely praised — and in some cases participated in — the mass protests that dominated U.S. cities last year following the death of George Floyd.

Similarly, Democrats flocked to the streets in November after the mainstream media declared President Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was among prominent pro-maskers who tossed his own purported beliefs to the wayside, lowering his mask as he celebrated Biden’s victory with a large crowd of Biden supporters in New York City, once the U.S. epicenter of the Chinese coronavirus:

It’s no wonder people do not trust members of the mainstream media when you can see their clear and inherent biases.

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