New York Post Store Hocks ‘ImmunaBand Bracelet’ to Prove You’ve Been Vaccinated

New York Post Store Hocks ‘ImmunaBand Bracelet’ to Prove You’ve Been Vaccinated

Colleges are demanding students and faculty get vaccinated, Texas workers are firing staff who do not get vaccinated, and even the Make-a-Wish Foundation won’t support terminally ill children unless their entire family has been vaccinated. And now, a new device might assist those who are demanding proof of vaccination status.

The New York Post supports such proof, writing, “Being able to prove that you’re fully vaccinated could become an essential way of living and being able to live a life of normality, like before the pandemic.” Enter the ImmunaBand Vaccination Band.

“Currently on sale for $17.95, a small price to pay in order to be able to prove your vaccinated status wherever you go,” writes the Post. The bracelet is made of silicone and stainless steel weighs .75 ounces and is available in a one-size-fits-all.

If that weren’t enough of a personal mark, “the bracelet also features a unique QR code that can show your COVID-19 vaccination card. Simply use the camera app on any smartphone to scan the QR code, enter the PIN you set up, and you can view your CDC vaccination card on the device.”

ImmunaBand released a cartoon promotional video begging viewers to ponder “if you got the vaccine you’re probably thinking now what? How can I show the world that I am vaccinated? How can I begin to reclaim some normalcy in my life?” it asks. “Well, now you can wear the ImmunaBand adjustable bracelet. It’s the only secure way to take your vaccine card with you wherever you go and share it with whoever you like” the ad explains.


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