New Survey Puts Lie to Dem Claims That 2022 Midterms 'All About Abortion'

New Survey Puts Lie to Dem Claims That 2022 Midterms 'All About Abortion'

What do you do as a political party if the number one issue your candidates are campaigning on isn’t resonating with your target voter?

Easy – you lose elections, and Democrats are on pace to do just that.

For months since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling and sent the issue of abortion back to states where it always belonged, Democrats have been campaigning on how Republicans are looking to “take away a woman’s right to choose,” making them “too extreme” to put back in charge.

Only, according to a new survey, the issue is not resonating with voters, especially women, who make up a larger percentage of the electorate.

“Abortion is not a top priority for female voters and most women support abortion limits that would have been considered unconstitutional under the Roe v. Wade precedent, a new poll found, dashing Democrats’ hopes of an electoral advantage over abortion,” the Daily Caller reported on Monday.

“Inflation was about four times as likely to be listed as the most important issue for female respondents compared to abortion, with only 54% saying abortion was very important in determining their vote compared to 74% for inflation, according to the RMC Research/America First Policy Institute poll shared exclusively with the Daily Caller News Foundation,” the outlet continued, pointing out that the issue of ‘abortion’ and ‘Roe’ is polling far behind so-called “kitchen table issues” of high food, gasoline, and housing prices that affect all voters.

The report added:

Democratic super PACs and campaigns have poured three times as much money into messaging on abortion than they did in 2018 midterms and have pushed the message that female voters in particular will rebel against new abortion restrictions by voting Democrat in droves, but polling doesn’t support those assumptions.

Inflation, crime and gun violence, health care, economic issues and education were the most likely issues to be considered “very important” among women for influencing their vote, the poll found. Abortion ranked behind all of these, but was more important to women than immigration, climate change, the war in Ukraine and the Jan. 6 hearings.

Besides not seeing abortion as a top election priority, most women also support restrictions on the procedure that most Democrats oppose. Most women, according to the survey (60 percent) support a 15-week limit on abortions, while 45 percent said they would vote for a candidate who said that the procedure should only be allowed if the mother’s life is at risk. That compares with 34 percent who favored abortion at any time until the moment before birth.


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